Rather than ‘fight for us,’ why don’t you politicians just cooperate? | Letters
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Precinct 629 at the John H. Jackson Community Center in Orange County on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020.
Precinct 629 at the John H. Jackson Community Center in Orange County on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020. [ RICARDO RAMIREZ BUXEDA | Orlando Sentinel ]
Published Sept. 8, 2022

Fight? How about cooperating?

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As election day approaches, my mailbox is stuffed daily with flyers promising that a particular candidate will “fight for us.” Every flyer promises that the candidate is “a fighter.” Many tout their military experience, especially if it was combat-related. Some flyers include photos of firearms. By golly, I think I’ve identified the problem with our elected officials. Cooperative governance is not their objective. Fighting is their objective. So far none of them have bragged about cooperation, listening or working with others for the common good.

Tracy Fugleberg, Tampa

Living history

The unmaking of American history | Perspective, Sept. 4

According to this commentary, “presentist” historians are messing up history. Being one of the author’s vaunted non-academic readers, I suggest that a presentist historian is the only useful kind. They take a historical fact and analyze it to see if something useful from it can be used in the present. For example, they might look at the historical fact of racial redlining to see if it has a causal relationship to the wealth gap. If it does, they might question whether something caused by that historical fact should be rectified and if so how. The problem is not that presentists are not doing a good job, but that we don’t want to know the answers.

Ed Bradley, Boynton Beach

Someone’s above the law

Trump gets special master | Sept. 6

“No one is above the law” goes the tired old slogan, which turns out to be just that, meaningless words, given the ease with which Donald Trump gained an unprecedented “special master” to intervene between him and the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation of his apparent theft of government property when he left the White House. Through careful judge-shopping and pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo, Trump has a concession that would never be available to us commoners. And, through his feverish fund appeals to Trump loyalists, he gives lie to another old saw: Crime, it appears to me, does pay.

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg

No more vasectomies

Surgical precision | Letters, Sept. 1

Inquiring minds want to know: Since there is a push to grow the population by force, coercion, intimidation, withholding of medical care and limitation on access to birth control products — everything but artificial insemination so far — maybe it’s time to stop providing vasectomies.

L.J. Phillips, Brooksville