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In October 2020, an election worker sorts vote-by-mail ballots at the Miami-Dade County Board of Elections in Doral.
In October 2020, an election worker sorts vote-by-mail ballots at the Miami-Dade County Board of Elections in Doral. [ LYNNE SLADKY | AP ]
Published Sep. 9

Pick the right target

Targeting voters, not dark money | Sept. 7

Heads should roll at the state level for allowing this debacle. The governor’s public shaming of folks whose only apparent error was trusting guidance from voting experts was bad enough, but then not to even offer comment on the state’s progress and status in investigating these other more serious apparent election violations is unpardonable. All this gives us good reason to worry whether future Florida elections can ever be fair under current state leadership.

Michael Patterson, Tampa

Not fully developed brains

Some hospitals stopping treatment for transgender youth in Florida | Aug. 29

The ideology of the left has become ridiculous. From one side of their collective mouths they say children and teens cannot be held fully culpable for crimes as their brains are not yet fully developed and won’t be until around age 25. They say they cannot fully understand the ramifications of their decisions. Then, switching to the other side of their mouths, they say children and teens should be able to decide on treatment for gender dysphoria, using these same underdeveloped brains that won’t be fully developed until around age 25. It’s this kind of contradiction that leads moderates such as myself away from the Democratic Party when election time comes.

Tim Robinson, St. Petersburg

The privacy clause

Moody’s office aims at privacy | Sept. 8

Now Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is, along with pro-life conservative support, trying to change the protection of abortion rights granted under the privacy clause of our state constitution. But her boss, Gov. Ron DeSantis, fired Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren for hinting that he might not prosecute certain cases. Isn’t Moody’s attempt at changing the constitution for personal beliefs more egregious?

David Lubin, Tampa

Wear the label proudly

4 takeaways from the Florida primary elections | Aug. 24

To those who have been vilified and labeled as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), fret not, for history will label you patriots for abiding by your oath of office, for placing your votes in the interest of your constituents and country ahead of party. In doing so in the future I believe the label RINO will take on a positive meaning as the true Americans, the ones who abided by their oath of office.

Joseph O’Mara, St. Petersburg


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