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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody speaks to a crowd during the Keep Florida Free Tour on Aug. 24 in Tampa.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody speaks to a crowd during the Keep Florida Free Tour on Aug. 24 in Tampa. [ LUIS SANTANA | Times ]
Published Sep. 10

Let’s put it to a vote

Moody’s office aims at privacy | Sept. 8

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office indicates that the Florida Constitution’s privacy clause has “nothing to say about abortion — and certainly ... the privacy clause is not so clear as to pry the abortion debate from the hands of voters.” I never thought I’d hear those words and agree so wholeheartedly. Will the question therefore be on the 2024 ballot so we can get this over with once and for all?

Lee Roye, Indian Shores

A dangerous path

DeSantis avoids a moderate message | Sept. 7

This article points out that our governor is only reaching out to his conservative base. But what about President Joe Biden? He calls folks who don’t agree with him semi-fascists. He pits Americans against Americans. In this time of division in our country, this is a dangerous path.

Rick Rager, Hudson

Past, present, future

History’s ‘problem’ isn’t really ‘presentism’ at all | Column, Sept. 8

The best quote on “presentism” is from George Orwell’s “1984″: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

Tod Markin, St. Petersburg

A very personal matter

Some hospitals stopping treatment for transgender youth in Florida | Aug. 29

Before a child and a parent would ever make the decision for hormone treatment or even sexual reassignment surgery for gender dysphoria, there would be hours of therapy and doctors’ assistance. None of this would affect my life; it’s their life. But give a young person an assault weapon? It can affect many. Ask parents of students in Parkland and Uvalde. The Democratic Party wants to protect rights that pertain only to individuals and that do not hurt others. Such matters should be an individual choice.

Jodi Trevathan, Palm Harbor

We don’t want this

A Safe Space sticker may have saved my life | Column, Sept. 9

When the Parental Rights in Education Act was passed, Republican leaders insisted it was not at all discriminatory and railed against those who called it the “don’t say gay” law. Yet here we are, just days into the school year and Safe Space stickers are being removed from some schools.

While “safe space” is most commonly associated with LGBTQ students, it also applies to anyone with difficulties in the school setting, such as those who are bullied or just have trouble fitting in. Is this what the parents and legislators envisioned? Do we really want to remove a valuable and harmless safety net for our most vulnerable children to comply with an ill-intentioned law?

David L. Frishkorn, Tampa


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