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A collection of crucifixes
A collection of crucifixes [ DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | TImes ]
Published Sept. 15, 2022

Not enamored of ‘armor’

What message is DeSantis sending with religious ‘full armor of God’ rhetoric? | Sept. 12

I am one of many Christians who are deeply troubled by the kind of Christianity being used by more and more politicians and religious leaders, including the governor of Florida. In the name of “religious freedom” and fighting for Christ, these people are urging us to deepen the dividing lines of “good versus evil,” feeding mistrust, fear and hatred. White Christian nationalism misses the heart of the life and teachings of Jesus: Love God, love neighbor as self and love enemies. In following Jesus, the law of love is to be our guide, including in public discourse and decision-making (like voting). Finally, to other white Christians, let us remember that Jesus was not a white Christian American. Jesus was a brown Jew, living under the oppression of the empire of his time, and his chosen weapon was nonviolent inclusive love.

Mary Ann C. Holtz, St. Petersburg

An oil barrel of laughs

President Biden should give a bailout to big oil | Column, Sept. 13

Okay, now I’ve heard everything.

Matthew Leonard, St. Petersburg

A lovely tribute

At 15, he already was his own man | Sept. 11

The epilogue about Ethan Weiser, the teen who died on the way to school, was the most wonderful eulogy. Kristen Hare did a beautiful job, and I’m sure everyone who read it wished they had known such a wonderful boy.

Elyse Van Breemen, Clearwater

Myths and realities

Ex-professor spreads election myths, one town at a time | Sept. 14

Just like the others who spread election myths, David Clements claims to have evidence of election fraud and hacked voting machines. And yet, the fraudsters have neither provided such evidence to the courts nor published any actual evidence to the internet. But this doesn’t stop the huskers from selling the miracle snake oil.

Craig Lewis, Tampa

Election acceptance

People should smarten up | Letter, Sept. 14

A letter writer is willing to talk and discuss issues, but not with people who refuse to accept our presidential election as fair. Just wondering: Is this reference to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Georgia progressive Stacey Abrams and the Democrats in 2016 or Donald Trump and the Republicans in 2020?

Elizabeth Brewer, St. Petersburg