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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky [ GENYA SAVILOV | AP ]
Published Sep. 16

Let Ukraine fight its fight

What a kiss on my hand taught me about Ukraine’s fight | Column, Sept. 15

Earlier this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke via video to Britain’s Parliament, thanking them for their support. During his address, Zelensky said: “We will fight at sea, we will fight in the air. We will fight everywhere and we will not surrender,” words borrowed from Winston Churchill’s famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech after Dunkirk, which the world acknowledges was more than just an inspirational turn of phrase.

On the heels of a string of recent successes by Ukraine’s military, some analysts are cautioning against too strong of a counteroffensive by Ukraine, fearful that it may provoke the ire of Vladimir Putin and lead to more indiscriminate shelling of civilians. With its country torn apart and thousands of its citizens killed at the hands of a murderous despot, Ukrainian military strategists continue to focus on the overarching strategic objective — the recapture of all land in Russian control and the expulsion of all Russian armed forces. No level of commentary from the world of punditry is likely to change that.

Jim Paladino, Tampa

What she said

Pity the poor, wounded MAGA Republicans | Column, Sept. 15

Columnist S.E. Cupp sheds light on the MAGA Republicans’ criticisms of President Joe Biden’s recent speech and melts their “snowflake” comments in her drop the mike column.

Jackie Kanner, St. Petersburg

What Kant said

Florida sends migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis’ office says | Sept. 15

In 1785 Immanuel Kant wrote that it is immoral to use a person as a means to an end. Doing so takes away the humanity of the person being used. It occurred to me that Gov. Ron DeSantis was simply providing all the students in Florida with an example of Kant’s Formula of Humanity when he took credit for flying refugees to Martha’s Vineyard to curry votes with his base. But, of course, I was mistaken; first the governor would have to acknowledge the humanity of these refugees.

Brian Williams, Zephyrhills


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