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A menorah
A menorah [ Tampa Bay Times ]
Published Sep. 25

No decorations for us this year

Florida sees sharp rise in white power, anti–Semitic incidents, report finds | Sept. 14

I married a Jewish man 15 years ago (20 years together). We respect and celebrate each others’ traditions. During holidays, we have displayed decorations for Christmas and Hanukkah in December together. Recently, after learning about antisemitic flyers being passed around nearby neighborhoods, and swastikas being flown from the Pinellas Trail overpass on the corner of Park Street and Tyrone Boulevard, we have decided it would not be safe to display our holiday decorations this year. This is the current America we live in.

Christi Semmel, St. Petersburg

Abortion and freedom of religion

Elena Kagan to her colleagues: You’re why the Supreme Court has lost legitimacy | Column, Sept. 16

I am a Christian and a registered Democrat and a loving mom. Many Catholics believe life begins at conception. Many Jewish people believe that life begins when a newborn takes its first breath. Some people believe that life begins at the “quickening,” about four months or so. Other people’s beliefs fall somewhere in between, based upon their religion and/or their personal ideas. The United States of America was founded on freedom of religion. Some atheists would say freedom from religion, which is also true. And yet it feels as if there has been too much religion injected into the abortion debate and the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Melinda Dube, Clearwater

Gas taxes and roadwork

No, driving an EV does not make you pro-environment | Column, Sept. 20

I’d like to know how we’ll pay for new roads and repairs when California and other states that will follow its guidelines require all new cars to be electric by 2035. I always understood that gas taxes helped to maintain highways. So, I guess everyone is going to have another tax of some kind.

Randall Morgan, Tampa

Government services as a good

Keep the feds out of health care | Letter, Sept. 20

A letter asserts that governments usually do “poorly” at providing government services. Is that so? Who built the roads we drive on every day? Who delivers mail six days a week for a very reasonable cost? Who built the public schools that anyone and everyone may freely attend? Who hires and pays the teachers in those schools? As for health care, find a Canadian or a Briton, and ask them what they think of their government-provided health care.

Charles E. Lehnert, Sun City Center

All are created equal

What readers are saying about Gov. DeSantis and the Martha’s Vineyard immigrants | Letters, Sept. 17

Our governor used our money to fly undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and has sworn he will do it again and again. I understand that they might have been here illegally, yet this act was a serious violation of basic human rights. Nearly 250 years ago a group of highly enlightened people met and boldly set in motion our great democratic experiment. They put forth a declaration that would guide us in this experiment. The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It doesn’t say only some men are created equal, or only American citizens are created equal. It says all men are created equal. This includes the poor people that our governor shipped off. Should we choose political party and misdirected ideals over decency and equity of treatment for all? Or should we choose another path that promotes decency and equity?

Jim Higbee, Homosassa

Church and state

There’s a good reason we built a wall between church and state | Perspective, Sept. 18

I would like to add two comments to LZ Granderson’s excellent article. First, religion is a meaningful aspect of our society and, as such, it should be taught in public schools. The concern about offending irreligious children is as misguided as the concern about teaching wealthy white children that they owe their wealth to the blood of native Americans and African slaves. Second, the opposition to abortion is not supported by the Jewish-Christian religious literature. Indeed the Old Testament makes it absolutely clear that the life of the unborn is worth less than the life of a mother. If you believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible and refuse the science that suggests that humankind may be a product of evolution, you have no choice but to support abortion. Ironically, it is molecular science that demonstrates that material life begins at conception.

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Lodovico Balducci, Tampa


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