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The U.S. helped build the Panama Canal, among other major projects of the 20th century.
The U.S. helped build the Panama Canal, among other major projects of the 20th century. [ Times files ]
Published Sep. 26

Puerto Ricans need water after Fiona’s rampage | Sept. 22

Build Back Better

In October 2017, the Times published the following abbreviated article I had written after Hurricane Maria demolished parts of Puerto Rico, followed by Donald Trump’s disastrous response:

Let’s show the world and the country who built the Panama Canal, who built its way out of the Great Depression (TVA, Hoover Dam etc.), rebuilt Germany and Japan after WWII (Marshall Plan), built a massive interstate highway system, put a man on the moon and ran an extremely successful space shuttle program, is still capable of great things.

With practically a blank slate Puerto Rico is available to be completely rebuilt. Throw away the old way of thinking and use modern techniques and futuristic ideas to turn the islands into an example of where we are going as a nation.

No telephone poles, but cell towers, cable and internet and all utilities will be underground. Maximum use of solar, wind, tides should be undertaken. The island should be crisscrossed with light rail systems, monorails and electric golf carts. Of course there has to be massive desalination plants to insure water is plentiful.

Here it is five years later and history seems to be repeating itself. The grand redesign didn’t happen after Hurricane Maria and unfortunately it probably never will. I continue to wonder why the United States can’t do great things anymore?

John Hayes, Sun City Center

DeSantis, Florida sued by 3 migrants | Sept. 22

Immigration reform

I’m sick and tired of the Times trying to blame our governor, the Texas governor or the man in the moon for the plight of illegal aliens. The bad guys are all those hundreds of thousands of people who decided to enter our country illegally. Equally to blame are the cartels who facilitate this crime while smuggling in illegal drugs many of which are a major killer of our young people.

I have no sympathy for criminals foreign or domestic. If you break our laws, don’t expect a happy ending. My sympathies are with my fellow Americans dealing with out of control inflation and an economy in (or near) a recession.

Jack C. Bolen, Brandon

Wasting money

Even if you agree with Gov. Ron DeSantis using $600,000 of Floridian’s tax payments to fly 48 asylum seekers to Massachusetts, you should be upset at his incredibly wasteful transit choice. An Amtrak ticket from Miami to Boston runs at around $175. For $600,000, DeSantis could have moved nearly 3,500 people north by train. But I guess DeSantis is used to expensive, private charters that his constituents pay for.

Steve Stone, Richmond, Virginia


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