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Mullet caught in a cast net.
Mullet caught in a cast net.
Published Sept. 29, 2022|Updated Sept. 29, 2022

California Crazy | Letters, Sept. 27

Not so fast

I hate to break it to the letter writer who was criticizing the California courts for declaring that a bumblebee is a fish but Florida went crazy first. Sometime in the 1910s (some reports say 1916 others 1919), a judge in Florida ruled that a mullet is not a fish but is a chicken because it has a gizzard.

Nobody can out crazy us.

Randall Grantham, Lutz

Hurricane Ian, now a Category 4, will hit Florida today | Sept. 28

Wasted money

Just how handy would all the money Gov. Ron DeSantis expended on his latest publicity stunt help the people of Florida now? Chartering private flights for photo ops might have been better set aside to help the actual people here in hurricane-prone Florida. As we watch the events that will unfold from this hurricane, I would hope that the people here will keep in mind the ineptitude demonstrated by DeSantis in squandering Florida funds.

Catherine Matthies, Spring Hill

Latinos struggling to survive hurricanes Ian | Sept. 28

Hurricane nightmare

They can warn all they want, but Florida responds poorly to aiding those with low income and not just workers. What about us retirees? We make less than todays minimum wage. Most of us worked those low paying jobs. I worked shifts for decades at minimum wage. We did without and still do. It’s a joke to serve this country. Just like they did in the past, just ignore that you were willing to die for strangers. Bet our leaders don’t struggle with storm protection. They make sure they are taken care of first. This has nothing to do with any party or group. An example: still lots of flooding but lousy storm sewers and poor landscaping that could help with water run off.

I’m sorry but I’ll say it again: How are we much different here than England with their royals? Our leaders have us fighting for scraps from their table of greed.

Roger Robbins, Sebring

Florida migrant flight money went to company tied to DeSantis adviser | Sept. 22

Cheap flights?

Can someone point me to the website where I can register for a taxpayer-funded flight to Martha’s Vineyard? I have heard it is wonderful this time of year, and since taxpayer’s are footing the bill I figured I would take advantage, especially with Hurricane Ian wreaking havoc.

Brad Rosenheim, St. Petersburg