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Michael Ramirez editorial cartoon
Michael Ramirez editorial cartoon [ Michael Ramirez | Creators.c ]
Published Oct. 7, 2022

Learn the lessons

What has Hurricane Ian taught you for next time? | Editorial, Oct. 5

There were a couple of important omissions in this editorial regarding what we should have learned about hurricanes for the “next time.” The biggest one: Developers must stop putting up communities in flood zones. Period. Ancillary to that: Don’t buy a house or open a business in a community built in a flood zone. The cost of living the dream on that waterfront property in paradise has a very dark side that carries a huge risk, not just for you, but for the rest of us whose insurance rates are all tied together. Then there is the most immediate lesson: If you did buy a house or open a business in a flood zone, and you find that property, at any time, in any part of the cone of uncertainty, get out of Dodge, even if it looks like you’re just on the edge of it. Scores of people lost their lives. It happened with Charley, too. There are evidently some slow learners out there.

Betsy Clement, Dunedin

Government goods and services

Editorial cartoon | Oct. 6

What a beautiful Michael Ramirez editorial cartoon showing Uncle Sam giving Florida a hand up. Added to Howard Simon’s Sanibel refugee essay, we get the full appreciation of the national and statewide response to hurting Floridians. Suddenly we appreciate the value of fast, strong government response when the disaster is just too great for local supports. Our family survived ground zero in Hurricane Andrew, experienced the life-saving value of all-night helicopter re-supplies over darkened Dade County. Bravo to this response, contrasted to Puerto Rico non-relief after Hurricane Maria. Please take note of this while being force-fed anti-government rhetoric for the next pre-election month.

Jack Parrish, Tampa

The once and future presidents?

Biden promises to help rebuild | Oct. 6

It was nice to see our current president and our future president working together alongside one another in Fort Myers.

John Spengler, Spring Hill

Know when to fold ‘em

Hurricane Man | Oct. 5

Author Randy Wayne White gets TV and newspaper coverage because of his failure to evacuate and surviving in spite of warnings to evacuate Sanibel Island. We would all be better served helping and publicizing those who did the right thing, lost everything and need our assistance.

Carl L. Zielonka, Tampa