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Gov. Ron DeSantis faces Charlie Crist in a Florida gubernatorial debate at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce on Monday.
Gov. Ron DeSantis faces Charlie Crist in a Florida gubernatorial debate at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce on Monday. [ CARLINE JEAN / SOUTH FLORIDA | South Florida Sun-Sentinel ]
Published Oct. 26, 2022

It’s not just the economy

3 paths to victory or defeat | Oct. 23

Everywhere I look I’m being told that “inflation” and “the economy” are the number one “issues” on voters’ minds. I’m sure that’s true, but is it rational? Inflation is a clear concern, but it is a global situation driven by a host of geopolitical factors and supply shortages. It is not a situation that suddenly arose from nowhere, but one which was years in the making and it is not one that I believe the current U.S. administration could have done much to prevent. Meanwhile, I think that one of our parties is using the “issue” as a distraction from their sleight of hand efforts to roll back our rights and subvert the foundations of our democracy. I hope the voters won’t be fooled.

Gregg Niemi, Tampa

Can’t have it both ways

You can’t be pro-originalist and anti-abortion rights | Column, Oct. 24

In his excellent column, Stetson law professor James Fox points out the limitations of originalism to determine abortion rights based on privacy under the Florida Constitution. True conservatives preach a consistent approach, and originalism and textualism are two political theories used to enforce consistency. In their minds, words and phrases in constitutions have specific meanings, and only the specific meanings at the time the words were written should be used in judgment. There is no notion that some aspects of law are implied rather than specifically stated. There are significant problems with this approach, such as the malleability of word meaning and determining the context of meaning at the time written, but these limitations do not bother the true believer. What Professor Fox points out is that conservatives use originalism when it suits their purpose, but will quickly push it aside if the words do not take them where they want to go. As the old saying goes, you can’t have it both ways.

Jon Crawfurd, Gulfport

That’s what you are, but what am I?

DeSantis mum on presidential run | Oct. 25

We watched the debate Monday night and it was like two siblings quibbling over who broke mom’s rare crystal vase. “Ronnie, go ahead and tell mom you hated that vase,” Charlie chastised. Ronnie wouldn’t answer. And please, whenever there is another debate, eliminate the theater audience. The frequent applause and cheering were more annoying than the president’s State of the Union address.

David and Elke Lubin, Tampa