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Published Nov. 1, 2022

The real root of crime’s rise

GOP steps up crime message in midterm’s final stretch | Oct. 11

One of the biggest issues of the day is the rising rate of violent crime. It’s apparent that most of this violence is being committed with guns, which are so easy to get in this country. There are very few barriers to obtaining handguns and assault weapons by crazy people, angry people, even teenagers. Yet, Republicans refuse to do anything meaningful to prevent the proliferation of these weapons. And then they blame Democrats for the rise in crime. How gullible can we be?

Sandra Buckley, Tampa

The competent governor

A decent man or a bully? Our pick for governor. | Editorial, Oct. 30

Your recommendation for Charlie Crist for governor left me quite confused. If I understand what this editorial is saying, it is better to have a “nice” man as our governor than a man who, I believe, has shown he is one of the best governors in the country. This editorial tells us to ignore the Florida economy, its schools and its future as well as Crist’s past, and vote for mediocrity. I think any Floridian would rather have proven competence at the top as we move forward in troubling times, and I think that the man for this job is clearly Ron DeSantis.

Bob Kelly, South Pasadena

We’ll get more of that

A decent man or a bully? Our pick for governor. | Editorial, Oct. 30

The Times Editorial Board has called it right to recommend Charlie Crist for governor. Gov. Ron DeSantis is a bully. His behavior, rhetoric and aggressiveness encourages radicalized extremists who identify with his bullying tactics. If he is re-elected, I worry that the tenor of the state will only grow more violent as domestic terrorists find a state that feels “like home” to their extremist positions. Instead of flying asylum seekers out of Texas, why hasn’t DeSantis focused on the real threat to Florida: violent and alienated domestic terrorists? Don’t give him license to further disrupt the safety of the state.

Penny D. Winkle, St Petersburg

It worked before

All of the Florida general election political recommendations of the Times Editorial Board | Oct. 30

Many years ago, there was a letter that was published in which the letter writer said that he or she would clip the Times’ recommendations, take them to the polling place, and vote for their opponents. I don’t see any reason why that philosophy should be abandoned.

Kenneth Gilder, St. Petersburg