Why can’t Florida attract a $10 billion semiconductor plant? | Letters
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Technicians work in ON Semiconductor's clean room in Gresham, Oregon in 2016
Technicians work in ON Semiconductor's clean room in Gresham, Oregon in 2016 [ BETH NAKAMURA | ]
Published Nov. 5, 2022

Missing out

It’s still ‘the economy, stupid’! And that’s good news for Gov. DeSantis | Column

Recent business news reports that Intel is making a $10 billion investment in Ohio to build an infrastructure for semiconductor manufacturing. Micron, another leading semiconductor manufacturer, has committed up to $100 billion to build new semiconductor megafab facilities in New York. Taiwan Semiconductor, the leading semiconductor in the world, has invested $12 billion in a chip manufacturing plant in Arizona, and lastly Pratt Industries, a box manufacturer, is investing $250 million in Louisiana.

Why not here? Florida is a low tax state with plenty of available land, several great universities and an established construction industry. These projects will not only employ high-tech personnel but will create quality manufacturing jobs and associated construction projects. While our governor has been busy fighting with Disney and banning textbooks, real leaders in other states are bring home economic opportunity.

William Brancaccio, Belleair

Widen the view

9 things Florida’s election could say about its future | Nov. 3

Please broaden the conversation about the election.

Governing this state involves rebuilding our infrastructure and restoring our springs and wetlands. What grade are Florida’s bridges and roads? Is there a plan to replace decaying ones? Florida’s underground springs have gotten dirty and polluted, have they improved?

Is Florida helping reduce the demand for illegal opioids? Have drug prevention/diversion efforts increased to keep people out of the criminal justice system? Has the Florida state lab eliminated the rape kit backup?

Why can’t Florida reliably tell felons if they have the right to vote and have criminalized their voting mistakes?

Florida has a record budget surplus. How has it been used to address any of these issues?

Chauncey Keene, St Petersburg

Misleading on immigration

Status threats led to stress | Nov. 3

Thursday’s front page article claims that “Trump made a crackdown on immigration a key issue.” This is not correct. Presdient Donald Trump made a crackdown on illegal immigration a key issue. Most Americans recognize the many contributions that immigrants make to our country, and we all support the legal pathways that allows for the legal immigration of those who can add value to our society. What most Americans oppose is allowing millions of indigents from foreign countries to simply wade across the Rio Grande expecting taxpayers to support them while they get settled. Liberal media outlets will continue to be suspect if they continue to conflate illegal and legal immigration.

Bruce Deskin, St. Petersburg