Capitalism, democracy and the midterms are themes of the October letter of the month | Letters
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A sign for New York Stock Exchange is displayed on the floor at the NYSE in New York.
A sign for New York Stock Exchange is displayed on the floor at the NYSE in New York. [ SETH WENIG | AP ]
Published Nov. 6, 2022

Do you like capitalism?

October letter of the month

Do you like capitalism? Then you need real democracy. Russia claims to be a democracy. They even hold elections to prove it. But we all know that’s fake. The winners are predetermined. As a result, Russia does not have capitalism. Only real democracies are able to have a capitalist economy. Go ahead, name one country with a real capitalist economy that isn’t a real democracy. You can’t, because none exist. This is important because if you vote for election deniers, you are voting to eliminate capitalism. If election deniers are put in charge, our political system will become like Russia’s and so will our economy. Vote for the party of your choice. Just don’t vote for election deniers if you like capitalism.

Russ A. Johnson, Hudson

The GOP’s factions

The party of Reagan or the party of Trump | Perspective, Oct. 30

The Republican Party has separated into two distinct factions that its national committee has struggled in vain to harmonize. The traditional Republican conservative faction, led by its establishment hierarchy, stands for a limited federal government, minimum taxation, free enterprise and free trade without governmental regulation, supremacy of states’ rights, individual freedom and accountability, limits on affirmative action, personal initiative, a strong national defense, an international peace-keeping responsibility and fiscal prudence. The neo-Republican faction stands mindless, enthralled by its leader, intoxicated by dogma and energized by fear, hate, anger and prejudice; without platform, principles or positive values; largely uninterested in governance; deaf to constructive guidance; intolerant of change and with success measured only by the number of voters it seduces and power it wields. It has mastered sophistry in its utterances and contributes only criticism and pejoratives to the political process. When this faction takes action, it is typically restrictive, prohibitive or defensive and rooted in political whimsy. This faction is on track to soon consume its host.

Gerald Kaszer, St. Petersburg

There is hope yet

Lies, vitriol and the Pelosi attack | Editorial, Nov. 1

Why are we so angry, so violent? We are all on our way to the edge, and it’s a long, ugly way down, so stop, look and listen before going to vote. We are fighting lots of enemies, including ourselves. Names — conservatives, liberals, progressives, fascists, antifa, whatever the latest catchwords, are meaningless and provocative, none of them definitively descriptive. Critical thinking skills, problem solving skills? Gone? Respect for persons, ideals, individual beliefs, even facts? Gone? Civility? Gone? Not yet. If people who still have these assets will please step up to the plate, all is not lost.

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Darlene Dickson, Tampa