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Donald Trump puts on a "Make America Great Again" hat at a rally in Sacramento, Calif. in 2019.
Donald Trump puts on a "Make America Great Again" hat at a rally in Sacramento, Calif. in 2019.
Published Nov. 7, 2022

Political mugging

Biden warns that election deniers will lead the US down a ‘path to chaos’ | Nov. 3

Whatever happened to Trump Derangement Syndrome, a condition fabricated by Republicans in which the afflicted, out of hatred, criticize Donald Trump? Has the MAGA crowd grown tired of the phrase, or can it be that Trump’s endless contrivances are so overwhelming that even his most ardent supporters have accepted the fact that there never actually was a syndrome, only justifiable censure?

History, as the final arbiter, will make that determination, but in the meantime, it’s a safe bet that Trump’s minions, especially the majority of Republicans in Congress, will never admit that the criticism was warranted, because to do so would be an acknowledgement of the former president’s true despotic nature and their complicity in fostering it.

Choosing fidelity to an individual, group, or ideology over fidelity to the Constitution is more than just a violation of the sacred oath our elected representatives are sworn to uphold, it’s a political mugging of each and every American.

Jim Paladino, Tampa

Biden has to go

Biden warns that election deniers will lead the US down a ‘path to chaos’ | Nov. 3

President Joe Biden makes incredulous comments stating that not voting Democrat will destroy democracy in our nation. He also is campaigning in southern states and very close to the border but will not go there to see what is obvious to all — illegal immigration. When Biden has failed to make any headway with the Saudi’s in having them boost production to make it look like he is a hero in lowering gas prices, he once again goes to our emergency stock pile and steals from it to temporarily lower gasoline prices. He also tells the coal and gas companies to get out of the business, but then blames them for the rising fuel prices. He now wants to tax the gas companies because they’re making more money because of the increase in price. The American people have finally awakened and realize what a horrible administration we have had for the past two years. It will be swept out of office starting with the midterm elections and hopefully in 2024, too.

Charles E Salzmann, New Port Richey

State has it backward

Florida’s felon voting rights trap | Editorial, Nov. 3

It’s a Catch 22. Only the state of Florida knows if anyone is eligible to vote, but the burden of proof is on the individual now by signing the form that says they will potentially go to jail if they try to vote when they are not allowed to vote by Florida law. This is the only way Gov. Ron DeSantis can justify his $10 million voter fraud team. The state should knows if someone is eligible to vote, but it doesn’t. Just because the state issues you a voter registration does not mean you have the right to vote. How more convoluted can this process get?

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The state of Florida should be completely responsible for issuing valid voter registration. That $10 million should be used to fix the system rather than arrest people for fraud when they did not know they were breaking the law.

Dave Hinz, Clearwater