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A screen grab from YouTube of an ad that says god made a fighter and that fighters is Ron DeSantis.
A screen grab from YouTube of an ad that says god made a fighter and that fighters is Ron DeSantis. [ YouTube ]
Published Nov. 10, 2022|Updated Nov. 10, 2022

God has better things to do

On the eighth day, God made a fighter | Nov. 1

Our governor chosen by God to lead us to the promised land. Kneel before the prophet. Hallelujah! I can’t wait.

Michael Frys, Tampa

Isn’t that cheating?

Republicans sue to disqualify ballots | Nov. 8

Interesting that the Republican Party must resort to cheating instead of relying on the qualifications and appeal of their candidates. If they don’t have faith that they can get the job done, why should we?

Ginger Brengle, Clearwater

Go ahead and scream

Pants on fire | Letters, Nov. 8

A letter writer states: “If I hear one more Democrat say that the Republicans are going to end Social Security and Medicare, I’m going to scream”.

Sen. Rick Scott’s plan includes “sunsetting” all federal legislation over five years under the “assumption” that the worthy laws would be reenacted. Guess what? That includes Social Security and Medicare.

To the letter writer I say, no need to scream about Democrats saying it. I am a Republican.

Terry R. Arnold, Treasure Island

No fraud here

Republicans sue to disqualify ballots | Nov. 8

I wonder if any Republican who won an election is going to say it was a fraudulent victory?

Chuck Grecco, New Port Richey

Freedom won

Florida’s GOP sweep | Nov. 9

Freedom and democracy won when both Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio destroyed the opposition, beating back the woke cancel culture of the left, winning on inflation, crime, immigration, trans and gay rights, fentanyl, education, COVID, vaccines, mask mandates, school closings, and parental rights. Thes were all the topics he was attacked on by Democrats and national media

John Spengler, Spring Hill

Four more years

Florida’s GOP sweep | Nov. 9

Four more years of heartless incompetence from Tallahassee. Four more years of zero improvement for any but the well-connected. Four more years of mindless fidelity to self-serving pols whose only solution to every problem is more tax breaks for the least deserving and a deaf ear to everyone else.

Brian Walkowiak, St. Petersburg

What about the 83,000 dead Floridians?

How school closures hurt our children | Column, Nov. 6

Regarding the column by Charles Lockwood about Florida opening schools in fall of 2020. He stated that fourth graders scored second in the nation in reading proficiency at a dismal 39%, (only 6% better than the national average) and 36% in math (only 5% above the national average). But at what cost?

More than 82,000Floridians died of COVID related illness. More than half of the deaths were in 2021 and into 2022. How many more people would have died had even more students attended in-person schools, allowing hundreds of thousands of (usually) asymptomatic kids to possibly infect other kids, parents and grandparents? The writer states the public health “evidence” was at best an educated guess. But this “guess” was made by the most highly educated experts in immunology in the United States and around the world.

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It’s way too easy to be a “Monday morning quarterback” when second guessing trained professionals. Kids are a resilient lot and can bounce back: not so all these poor souls that are no longer with us.

Gregory Premer, St. Pete Beach

Make it free

Tampa Bay Times 2022 General Election Voter Guide | Oct. 13

I was shocked to see that readers could not access the Times voter guide unless they had a subscription. I understand that it is almost impossible to stay solvent in this day and age when so much of what you do is undervalued. We both know that your paper is one of the few that contains actual investigative journalism that I can trust. I’m not saying you should give valuable stuff away for free. I think I know how much work goes into producing the voter guide. You deserve compensation.

But nothing your paper did recently was as important as this guide. Things have never been this bad. Some people cannot afford your services anymore. In the future, please allow access to this one thing online for free. We need you.

Michael Rosenberg, Weeki Wachee