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In honor of Veterans Day, a flag stands by a marker in Fort Logan National Cemetery in southwest Denver.
In honor of Veterans Day, a flag stands by a marker in Fort Logan National Cemetery in southwest Denver. [ DAVID ZALUBOWSKI | AP ]
Published Nov. 12

The power of ritual

In a VA hallway, a last ritual works its power | Column, Nov. 11

Thank you to columnist Lauren Koshere for sharing her experience witnessing a Final Salute to a veteran she barely knew. As an Army wife and mother, I appreciate her participation in saying goodbye to someone who devoted a portion of his life to cement our freedoms in the name of liberty and justice for all. These men and women take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Military service is apolitical. After this midterm election, the government needs to remember those who sacrificed instead of arguing, fighting and debating against one another, and they need to protect our rights with sound governmental action that we, the people, expect regardless of political party or affiliation. That’s the least the three branches can do to respect those who served and are serving.

Carol Hess, Hudson

Less Trump, more kittens

Trump bashes DeSantis in statement | Nov. 11

Maybe you need to quit giving us more doses of former President Donald Trump’s hateful/self-centered nature on your front page. I would have suggested that the page A2 “Kitten born in museum fighter jet” story may have started more people’s day with a smile and a better attitude.

Ronald F. Heimburger, Riverview

Hillary got more votes

Looks like Trump is the GOP’s biggest loser | Wall Street Journal editorial, Nov. 11

The Wall Street Journal editorial is correct in calling out the historical losses associated with former President Donald Trump’s endorsements. But their conservative bias was evident on their characterization of Hillary Clinton as widely disliked. It was the Electoral College that gave the presidency to Trump. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

Money for nothing

The midterm elections

In the wake of Tuesday’s election we have seen the mind-boggling millions of dollars spent on campaigns, half of which are lost. If a mere million dollars of these were designated to help St. Petersburg’s homeless, we would be in much better shape both culturally and humanistically.

Bruce LeBaron, St. Petersburg

Too many guns

The midterm elections

Republican politicians can yammer on all they want about Democrats supposedly being soft on crime and not supporting the police as they do, but enlightened voters know that if that were truly the case, Republicans would do something about the proliferation of guns and assault rifles in this country.

Michael Lang, Seminole


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