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Should the Florida Democrat join the Florida panther on the endangered species list?
Should the Florida Democrat join the Florida panther on the endangered species list? [ PHOTO BY JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES | Orlando Sentinel ]
Published Nov. 14

A new endangered species

How Florida, the nation’s biggest swing state, turned deep red | Nov. 10

The electorate has spoken. With the exception of Florida, the predicted nationwide red wave failed to materialize. History will eventually decide whether this election outcome has a beneficial or a harmful effect on our country. In the meantime, this writer is hopeful that Gov. Ron DeSantis, our recently reelected chief executive, will use his reinforced authority to proclaim the Florida Democratic Party to be an endangered species. That action could open the door to federal protection for the Democrats prior to the complete extinction of the species — er, party — as we know it in Florida.

Jerry McDermott, Largo

Trump same as he ever was

Looks like Trump is the GOP’s biggest loser | Wall Street Journal editorial, Nov. 11

Why is the GOP angry with former President Donald Trump? He did exactly what he has always done. Did everyone suddenly forget about Trump steaks, mattresses, vodka, airline, university, magazine and everything else he failed at, including four years of daily dumpster fires while in the White House? That ended with Democrats in control of the House, the Senate and the Oval Office. This is Trump’s true legacy.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

The vote tallier who could not count

Why it’s not suspicious for ballot counting to take days | PolitiFact, Nov. 9

Many years ago in Illinois, I volunteered at a primary election. When the polls closed we had to count the results and submit them to the central office. People from both parties had to count and agree on the numbers. We had fewer than 100 voters and five or six people tallying results. We spent over 2 hours recounting ballots because the numbers never were the same. we finally removed one woman from the counting and were able to agree to final results to report. Manual counting of ballots is tedious, time consuming and prone to human error. The woman in our group was not miscounting intentionally. She just could not count. We were the last group to get to the central office with our results. It was not a fun night.

Dave Hinz, Clearwater


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