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A passenger walks toward a bus at the HART Transit Center in downtown Tampa this summer.
A passenger walks toward a bus at the HART Transit Center in downtown Tampa this summer. [ IVY CEBALLO | Times ]
Published Nov. 19, 2022

Nice work if you can get it

Big Easy moonlighting | Editorial, Nov. 18

Beyond the dishonesty of the highly paid executive collecting six-figure incomes from two different agencies in two different states is this: How hard could she have been working to pull this off? Is she Superwoman? A genius? I’m retired, but if I were working at an average job (as I did), I’d be pretty angry. No wonder working-class people are often so disgusted with government that they align themselves with Trumpists who promise to “drain the swamp.” I’m a liberal who believes that government can and should work to the betterment of all the people. But stories like this call that whole concept into question. I can only hope that this is an isolated incident. If you can work two big jobs in two different states at the same time, you’re not working.

Susan Sumnick, Riverview

‘Woke’ is not dead yet

Woke Act blocked at colleges, universities | Nov. 18

Gov. Ron Desantis is proud that Florida is “where woke goes to die;” however, the recent ruling by Judge Mark Walker suggests otherwise, as he ordered Florida colleges and universities to stop enforcing the Stop Woke Act. When will taxpayers tire of paying to defend these indefensible laws enacted by the Republican-led Legislature?

David Burg, Tampa

Think of it this way

Woke Act blocked at colleges, universities | Nov. 18

Does the new Stop Woke Act apply to all people in the state? If so, all of the white supremacists who speak against people of color, gay people and Jewish people and make them feel anguish about actions committed in the past should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

A world without woke

What Florida could expect from Ron DeSantis’ second term | Nov. 9

A couple of weeks ago while in my yard a golf cart full of little leaguers drove past. Upon seeing our yard sign, the dad driving yelled out, “Vote Democrat, kiss my @$$”! Later that day I spent 10 minutes driving behind a pickup truck plastered with vulgar and violent messaging.

Our right to free speech allows us to behave this way, but our commitment to our community should prevent us from promoting violent and hateful themes. Is this what it looks like when woke dies? To me, being woke means while not always in agreement, being empathetic, respectful and courteous to all. Do we really want to be “where woke goes to die”?

Jon Sharf, Tampa