Until Florida goes after polluters, Red Tide will remain a big problem | Letters
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Red tide warning were signs posted on Florida public beaches during a past algal bloom.
Red tide warning were signs posted on Florida public beaches during a past algal bloom. [ TIFFANY TOMPKINS | Bradenton Herald ]
Published Nov. 21, 2022

Stop the polluters

Small amounts of Red Tide were just measured in Tampa Bay. Should we be worried? | Nov. 18

With or without the help of storms like Ian and Nicole, Red Tide will keep coming back and coming back worse because the Florida government, headed by the efforts of Gov. Ron DeSantis, refuses to do what’s necessary to lessen its impact. Though the governor boasts millions of dollars invested in Red Tide mitigation, DeSantis refuses to go after industrial polluters and punish the people and corporations who contribute the most in the dumping of wastewater that is at the root of Red Tide outbreaks. Still recent in the area’s collective memory is the Piney Point leak, in which state officials allow 215 million gallons of nutrient-loaded water to be released into Tampa Bay. No amount of money can reverse decisions like that. Green doesn’t cancel out red. As constituents, we must demand our state government does more than use tax dollars toward unproven mitigation. We must demand the enforcement of regulations and the punishment of large-scale polluters. If we don’t, Red Tide will worsen, marine life will die, the economy will worsen, and people will get sick.

Rachel Smith, St. Petersburg

The civic pride of poll workers

The vote tallier who could not count | Letter, Nov. 14

We served as Hillsbourgh County poll workers, the third time we have done so. At the precinct level, we were very fortunate to have a great team in place. The Supervisor of Elections Office provided the training we needed to do our jobs well and we think that the voters could feel our enthusiasm and pride in carrying out those duties. So many of them thanked us profusely for our service. We would like to encourage others to think about signing up to participate in this process in future elections. If you have any questions about how secure the process is, your doubts will be quickly alleviated. The satisfaction you feel when the day is over is worth the long workday.

Ed and Renee Shaffer, Valrico

A vulnerable location

$9M Davis Islands property breaks record for second time this year | Nov. 17

A record-breaking sale for high-risk land? Just a short time has passed since Tampa Bay was poised to bear the brunt of a near-Category 5 hurricane and the most-sought-after land is at a most vulnerable location?

Benjamin Buckley, Tampa