Bless us all on this Thanksgiving | Letters
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Thanksgiving dinner should make us reflect on our blessings.
Thanksgiving dinner should make us reflect on our blessings. [ MIAMI HERALD FILE | Miami Herald ]
Published Nov. 24, 2022

A Thanksgiving wish

Study finds gathering over food has hearty history | Nov. 22

Oh, great spirit, we humbly seek your blessings this Thanksgiving Day, as we gather once again with family and friends. Help us this year to avoid the unpleasant political disagreements that can easily ruin our precious holiday time together. Steer us through the entire day by granting us a peaceful meal and a full day without all the name-calling and physicality that only serves to push us farther apart. And, please, do your very best this year to redirect our misinformed, woefully misguided and completely regressive family members toward the light of your wisdom. This we ask in the name of the United States of America.

Rick Sherin, Tampa

Thank a teacher

Trump 2024 rivals court his donors as primary season begins | Nov. 19

Mike Pompeo has called Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, the most dangerous person in the world. He should be utterly ashamed of himself, get on his knees and beg teachers for their forgiveness. He said our teachers are teaching filth. I think the filth is that which he is spewing. Without his teachers, he would be no one. Weingarten has admittedly been controversial for her views regarding the retention of teachers, the evaluation of their performance through test scores, and seniority and tenure issues, but for a former secretary of state to have made such statements is reprehensible. Our teachers are hard-working, dedicated professionals who work for a pittance compared with others who have the same level of education or far less. Teachers are the engines which power our democracy. Without education, our way of life would be impossible. Teachers and those who support them deserve our undying respect and gratitude.

Bruce LeBaron, St. Petersburg

Public libraries, a public good

Public libraries

The Land O’ Lakes Branch of the Pasco County Library system has re-opened after a major remodeling. We don’t hear much these days about the utility and friendliness of libraries, though. When and if community (and school) libraries make news, it seems to be in relation to the current culture wars and calls from particular interest groups to remove some titles from library shelves. Let’s not make libraries political targets. That would be misguided. People who actually visit their community libraries, and who ask about the services and materials there, will only benefit. Visit and see what’s happening.

Jo-Ann Johnston, Wesley Chapel