How about making college affordable in the first place? | Letters
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Imagine making college more affordable in the first place so students could avoid onerous loans.
Imagine making college more affordable in the first place so students could avoid onerous loans. [ ROBYN BECK | GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA ]
Published Nov. 26, 2022

Make college affordable

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to reinstate student loan forgiveness program | Nov. 17

College prices continue to soar. There are so many students who have the grades and desire to attend college, students who would do well in a college atmosphere and would be successful in their studies, but, unfortunately, cannot afford the prices. The Student Loan Forgiveness Program would help so many of our young people. Yes, it is unfair to people who have struggled in the past, but we have to start somewhere. Or maybe the starting point is using this money to lower college costs and making colleges affordable.

Marilyn S. Warner, Clearwater

Free speech is non-partisan

DeSantis’ ‘dystopian’ idea of free speech | Editorial, Nov. 22

All over the country conservative voices are being silenced at our colleges and universities. Organized groups have shouted down speakers, and some institutions have forced others to cancel their events because of the fear of violence. To be clear, the concern was violence toward the conservative speaker and their attendees. The Times Editorial Board seems to talk about “free speech” as if Democrats invented it, and it is becoming clear to me that their view of free speech is what they want you to say and do.

Tony Gatliff, Belleair Beach

Sex ed vs. active shooter drills

Dozens show up to oppose sex education curriculum | Nov. 18

I can’t help but wonder if these are the same people who support abortion bans and the politicians who enact them. I hope they’re remembering that this is the age group that will be affected by laws that force unwanted pregnancy and birth on children, as we have seen happen in Ohio and elsewhere. If kids are forced into giving birth, they better know what causes it so they can understand what they are doing or what is being done to them. How could it possibly be OK for us to accept the necessity of active shooter drills for this age and younger, but not OK to teach science and fact-based biology? Anyone who is “anti-abortion” should be strongly in favor or teaching kids about sex, contraception, and the repercussions. Why not consider this the equivalent of an active shooter drill for unwanted pregnancy?

Vivienne Handy, Wimauma