C-suite psychos? Try aiming even higher | Letters
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A letter writer notes that the White House is a C-suite of its own.
A letter writer notes that the White House is a C-suite of its own.
Published Dec. 7, 2022

A more critical concern

Look out for the C-suite psychos | Column, Dec. 5

I agree with columnist Peggy Noonan that we should be leery of C-suite psychos who exploit, who are deceitful, who disregard norms and laws, who are impulsive and reckless and, most important, who lack guilt, remorse or empathy. However, Noonan missed a more critical concern. I am more concerned about someone whom I believe has displayed all of these tendencies in the past getting back into the White House again.

Terrence S. Callahan, Crystal Beach

Whose ‘who’ is right?

Why, exactly, is America like this? | Columnist, Dec. 5

Columnist Leonard Pitts must really hate America. I think his opinion piece on the “why” of mass shootings is a convoluted piece of writing that blames America for mass shootings. Pitts goes from the “why” of mass shootings to the “who” of mass shootings instead, and guess what? The “who,” according to the columnist, is an America that fetishizes guns and the idea that they are an instant equalizer, allowing one to stand their ground. Oh, and standing your ground, according to Pitts, is a foundation of the American myth too. It seems to me that when he can’t blame all of our ills on racism, he just blames them on America as a whole.

James McClenny, Land O’ Lakes

Not above the law

Police chief steps down | Dec. 6

Tampa’s police chief should be a beacon of integrity and honesty. Those seeking special privilege and life in the gray area of the rules, need not apply. No one is above the law. More importantly, those protecting and serving, ought to follow it precisely.

Gene Wells, Tampa

First in the nation

Iowa caucuses lose relevance and standing | Dec. 4

I strongly oppose President Joe Biden’s deeply misguided proposal for changes to the Democratic primary calendar. Make no mistake, New Hampshire’s law is clear, and their primary will continue to be first in the nation.

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach