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A view of the visitors center at New College of Florida, a building that overlooks Sarasota Bay.
A view of the visitors center at New College of Florida, a building that overlooks Sarasota Bay. [ New College of Florida ]
Published Jan. 13, 2023

Leave New College alone

DeSantis moves to shift New College toward conservatism | Jan. 7

Our daughter attends New College of Florida, where she found a home with kindred spirits. Since its founding in 1960, New College has become a nationally recognized honors institution attracting exceptional students from across the nation. New College is a hidden gem in the State University System of Florida, with a charter and distinctive methodology that have provided a path to advanced careers and public service founded in the freedom of thought. While additional resources to improve the physical environment would surely be appreciated, the institution has been successful and does not need a makeover. If Florida needs a “classical college” in the model of Hillsdale College, a small private Christian school in Michigan, we can simply build a new school, as we did with Florida Polytechnic Institute. This surely looks like a case of the bully seeing the geeks having something they like, and taking it away because he can. This is shameful.

Jon Sharf, Tampa

A capital idea

Should Citizens be the insurer of first resort? | Column, Jan. 12

Once again, retired USF professor Murad Antia writes is correct. The unfortunate point he makes about some insurance companies not being responsible with homeowners’ money is an example of what has happened to our “capitalist” society. The biggest threat to our country is not socialism, it is the loss of true, non-monopolistic capitalism.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

A gentle toast

No diets, no dry January, no stress | Column, Jan. 11

I hope Stephanie Hayes’ proposed Gentle January becomes as widespread as Festivus, of which I am an orthodox adherent. Cheers!

Gail A. Reynolds, Dade City

The other swamp

Gov. DeSantis is doing great things for the Everglades | Column, Jan. 12

Everglades Trust CEO Anna Upton has written a wonderful puff piece for our governor. We can all agree Gov. Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself effectively manipulating the huge, infested and extremely polluted swamp in Florida. Too bad that cesspool of filth is not our Everglades, but rather the state capital, Tallahassee.

Brian T. Walkowiak, St. Petersburg