A greener Tampa means not tossing away those Gasparilla beads | Letters
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Beaded necklaces are scattered about Bayshore Boulevard during the 2023 Gasparilla Parade of Pirates on Saturday in Tampa.
Beaded necklaces are scattered about Bayshore Boulevard during the 2023 Gasparilla Parade of Pirates on Saturday in Tampa. [ ANGELICA EDWARDS | Times ]
Published Feb. 1

Drawing a bead on pollution

Fewer Gasparilla arrests this year than in 2022, police say | Jan. 30

To all the young people who are trying to make the world greener: Did you take your Gasparilla beads home or throw them in the streets, curbs and bay ways? Why can’t these environmental pollutants be made with biodegradable material? Or at least make them out of bird seed. Even sea life would appreciate it.

Harriet E. Browder, Clearwater

Just wait

Ron DeSantis, appearing in Idaho ads, calls for a constitutional convention | Jan. 24

There is good and bad news for readers of those Tampa Bay Times who continually whine about Gov. Ron DeSantis. In less than two years, he will be forced to resign as governor. The bad news for those Times’ readers? He will be sworn in as president.

John Spengler, Spring Hill

An equitable answer

I was president of New College, and here’s what I think | Column, Jan. 28

It is interesting to see the liberal meltdown over the realignment of the board at New College of Florida. It seems like nearly every letter or column published by the Times has taken issue with what Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing, and they are the perfect examples of why he is doing it. Why should a publicly funded institution be oriented primarily in one direction? Florida is at least 50% conservative, but New College student body and professors are mostly liberal. Despite claims to the contrary, I think there is no way conservative ideas can get a fair hearing in the current New College academic environment. The current realignment is needed and “equitable.”

Doug Hardin, Dade City

Words have consequences

Time for a truth serum | Good/bad editorial, Jan. 28

The Tampa Bay Times’ “Open and Shut” editorial absolutely nails it in “Time for a truth serum.” Especially when it comes to the still-serious COVID pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ shortcomings are genuinely life-threatening. As I caution both my students as an adjunct professor of communication in classes at the University of Tampa and professional members of the Public Relations Society of America as ethics officer for the Tampa Bay chapter, “Be mindful of what you say because you don’t know who is listening and will choose to either take or avoid an action based on your words.” When it comes to potentially lifesaving actions such as COVID vaccines and follow-up booster shots, the risk is real. I would not want to be responsible for suggesting something untruthful that could have life-threatening consequences.

Kirk Hazlett, Riverview