Why aren’t Florida homeowners getting covered for Hurricane Ian damage? | Letters
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Debris surrounds damaged homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers Beach last September.
Debris surrounds damaged homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers Beach last September. [ WILFREDO LEE | AP ]
Published March 14

Wake up to the smell

Insurers slashing payouts to those hit by Ian | March 13

The smell from “the rain-soaked carpet” parts of Southwest Florida can’t top the smell coming from Tallahassee’s lack of action in helping the people of Florida, a state that is populated with die-hard Republicans. Imagine if the “anti-woke” Florida Legislature spent as much time helping our fellow Floridians living in a God-forsaken limbo of mold and mildew as they do banning books at schools, or paying the rich in vouchers to send their children to nonpublic schools. Or are our legislators too “indebted” to the big insurance companies’ profit margins? Our neighbors in Southwest Florida need help now, and they need to get back on their feet ASAP. Maybe fellow Floridians will take the time to vote in the next state elections. Hopefully, they might vote for people who will really help them.

Pete Barton, St. Petersburg

I’ll vouch for this idiocy

Voucher bills on fast track | March 13

They say that you don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows. Obviously, the same can be said for the blatant and transparent attempt to strangle and decimate the public school system in Florida. Each voucher will be worth an estimated $8,000, given to a student going to a private school or who is home-schooled. Pretending they can do that without also decreasing the funding for public education assumes sheer ignorance on the part of the public. On top of that, the notion that these nonpublic entities should not be held to the very same standards as public schools is an insult to educational accountability. Just how stupid do these state legislators think the people of Florida are? You need not ask a weatherman for the answer.

Richard A. Miller, Oldsmar

They/them should just do their job

New bill targets use of pronouns in schools | March 11

So, the Florida Legislature is once again focused on the real needs of the state. They’re working on a new bill that targets the use of pronouns in school. My flood insurance doubled, and I had to cancel it. I’m holding my breath waiting to see what my homeowners insurance will be next month. People are still sleeping in cars five months after the last hurricane hit. Why are pronouns at the top of any “to-do” list for the Legislature when there are so many critical issues that need to be addressed?

Jeff Cutting, Brandon