The Bible is full of ‘woke ideology,’ sex and violence. Ban it, too? | Letters
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A letter writer suggests another famous book that schools should ban, and it's not the Toni Morrison novel "The Bluest Eye."
A letter writer suggests another famous book that schools should ban, and it's not the Toni Morrison novel "The Bluest Eye." [ DIRK SHADD | Times ]
Published March 28, 2023

What about this book?

Pinellas schools remove book by prize-winning author Toni Morrison | Jan. 25

There is a book found in many public school libraries containing graphic descriptions of violence, sex and incest. In one passage, the eldest daughter of one of the key protagonists conspires to get her father drunk, then sleeps with him! In another passage, a father is instructed to murder his only son. Worse yet, the book is full of “woke ideology,” instructing readers to act justly, walk humbly and love mercy in response to injustice. I believe this book should be banned from public schools. We can’t have our children exposed to this kind of thing. The book is titled “the Bible.” Please contact your local school boards and demand this harmful book be removed from school libraries and classrooms.

Michael Showell, Titusville

Be wary of Florida State Guard

DeSantis’ Guard vision: planes, boats, police power | March 26

What does an aspiring authoritarian do after he has co-opted the Legislature and stacked the state courts? When targeting and scapegoating minority groups, sometimes just passing discriminatory laws isn’t enough. That’s why your top-tier aspiring authoritarian will always want to establish his own private armed paramilitary group to build the muscle to more thoroughly intimidate any opponents and complete his dominion. And using $100 million of state funds to kick it off is a great way to start. Will the people of Florida let it happen? Probably.

Gregg E. Niemi, Tampa

A teaching moment

Removal of ‘Ruby Bridges’ film from Pinellas school sparks outrage | March 27

Parents can certainly opt out of having their children watch the “Ruby Bridges” film in school, but they don’t need to prevent all other Pinellas County students from seeing it. They could also use the film as an opportunity to have a discussion with their children about racism, its negative impact and the struggle for equality.

Mary McAlister, Tampa

Prevent unwanted pregnancies

More money for anti-abortion centers? | March 27

It makes no sense to increase funding for anti-abortion clinics to $25 million. Their mission, as the story puts it, “is to dissuade pregnant people from considering abortion.” Why don’t we make effective contraception more accessible and prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place?

Carol Machael, Clearwater