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An aerial view of the homes damaged by Hurricane Ian in the vicinity of Fort Myers.
An aerial view of the homes damaged by Hurricane Ian in the vicinity of Fort Myers. [ AL DIAZ/ADIAZ@MIAMIHERALD.COM | Miami Herald ]
Published May 9, 2023

Medicare for property insurance

Our home insurance bill jumped to $7,000 | Column, May 6

Columnist Scott Maxwell offers a solution to escalating homeowners insurance rates: “majorly subsidizing private industries or growing/transforming Citizens into something like a Florida version of Medicare for homeowners.” Historically, Medicare came into being because private insurance companies were declining to insure older Americans. Remember that insurance companies are in business to make a profit. As people age, they need more medical care, a liability. If you live in an area subject to unpredictable and violent weather, the odds increase that you will file a claim for storm damage. That is Florida. At a recent social gathering I had a conversation with an attorney for an insurance company. The candid assessment of that attorney was that Citizens Property Insurance is the obvious and practical solution to property insurance in Florida. The analogy of Medicare to Citizens is a good one. I know of no one on Medicare who is not pleased with the coverage. Whether our current Legislature can effect such historic and intelligent change, only time will tell.

Karol B. Hitt, Gulfport

Court of public opinion

6 finalists announced for Florida Supreme Court seat | May 6

So, let me get this straight: The voters of Hillsborough County voted Judge Jared Smith out of office, then Gov. Ron DeSantis appoints him to the newly formed 6th District Court of Appeal and now he is on the short list to be appointed to the highest court in Florida?

David Burg, Tampa

Building on sand

Pinellas needs a new solution to beach renourishment | May 8

I am quite thrilled that the Army Corps of Engineers denied the request to let a handful of wealthy landowners maintain their “private” beaches. Building McMansions on drifting barrier islands was dumb to begin with, and perpetuating these private lands with public money is an insult to the rest of us who only get to visit the beaches.

Mike Munger, St. Petersburg

He should explain himself

Biden’s joke was on the press | Column, May 7

Thank you for the timely article about President Joe Biden’s unwillingness to hold open, unscripted news conferences. There has been almost no chance for reporters to ask relevant questions about the president’s policies on border security, inflation and other important issues. He should be called on to explain his actions as his predecessors have done. No excuse.

Paul Leaverton, Tampa