If you’re not against Trump, maybe you’re for him? | Letters
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Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump [ SPENCER PLATT | Getty Images North America ]
Published May 11|Updated May 11

The real problem

Barr’s warning on Trump | Wall Street Journal editorial, May 9

Carefully skirted in the Wall Street Journal editorial citing former Attorney General William Barr’s warning about Donald Trump was the widely circulated quote from Barr a year ago: “I believe that the greatest threat to the country is the progressive agenda being pushed by the Democratic Party, it’s inconceivable to me that I wouldn’t vote for the Republican nominee,” even if it’s Trump. And that is precisely the problem. Barr’s outlook, like that of too many Americans, is that, in the final analysis, they will vote for Trump even, as another poll revealed, he is convicted in one or more of the legal actions being taken against him. The problem lies not with Trump, but with voters whose values are so distorted that they would willingly place him back in the White House. Doesn’t say much for the future of democracy.

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg

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The verdict

Jury finds Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse | May 10

I am one of the few people who is not super for former President Donald Trump, and I am not against him. I’m somewhere in between, which is rare. As with most public figures, there are things I like about Trump and some things I disagree with. However, no one should be found guilty of a crime or found at fault in a civil lawsuit unless there is proof, plain and simple. It was basically her word against his. We live in a scary society if anyone can accuse someone of wrongdoing without evidence. She has no idea of the date, didn’t report it soon afterward, etc. I would much rather see a guilty person go free, than to see an innocent person convicted of something they didn’t do. I think the same basic principle applies in civil cases, too.

Peter Wohlfelder, St. Petersburg

The truth is the truth

More textbooks rejected | May 10

As a former middle school history teacher, I was proud of what was taught and the role I played in educating my sixth graders. No child can be well educated by removing true events from the curriculum because they do not suit our governor and Legislature. The truth is simply the truth.

Shelley Foster, Clearwater