Can we really separate Florida from Floridians? This reader says not so fast. | Letters
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Florida as seen from space.
Florida as seen from space.
Published May 24

Not this time, Stephanie

A message to America from folks in Florida | Stephanie Hayes column, May 21

Stephanie, I agree with you so often that it causes me to wonder if we were separated at birth. But girl, this time your throbbing thumb must have caused temporary insanity.

The reason Florida is up for the Kim Jong Un award for excellence in autocratic performance by a state government is because lots of Floridians — a majority of Floridians — make the double-chin cringe face about what’s going on, then somehow find themselves too busy to vote. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

Now, top LBGTQ+ lead organizations and the NAACP are warning people to stay clear of Florida lest their brethren find themselves arrested for unacceptable levels of glam or letting it slip that slavery was actually a thing here a while back and the country’s systems have not yet caught up to the passing of the 14th Amendment.

So, Stephanie, as much as you want to separate the people who live here from the dastardly doings in Tallahassee, that notion is about as tethered to reality as Elon Musk’s ability to name children. As the saying goes, “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” And on that, I hope someday we can both agree.

Terri Benincasa, Palm Harbor

Nailed it!

A message to America from folks in Florida | Stephanie Hayes column, May 21

Stephanie, you nailed it. Thanks for using your eloquent yet humorous voice to express what many of us who watch in horror what’s happening in this state can barely put into words. Please keep it up!

Mimi Ansbro, Dunedin

Saturday opinion pages

There is a border crisis, if Biden admits it or not; Millions flowed to Biden family members; Facts are stubborn things. So are falsehoods about U.S. poverty.; Gov. DeSantis cannot rely on electability argument | Columns, May 20

According to Saturday’s opinion page, there really is a border crisis no matter what the president says, the Biden family took money they probably shouldn’t have and the poor really aren’t so poor after all. I am sure the heads of your routine letter writers are exploding about now.

Thomas Klein, Tampa

Right-wing overdose

Opinion pages | May 20

I’m very disappointed in Saturday’s editorial pages. I rely on the Times for balanced opinions. All the columns on Saturday were from conservative sources. If I wanted only conservative views, I would have subscribed to The Wall Street Journal

Richard Hodges, Tampa