An Apple Watch saved my friend’s life after a fall | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Apple Watches can detect falls and call for help.
Apple Watches can detect falls and call for help. [ JEFF CHIU | AP ]
Published June 1

A watch keeps watch

Apple Watch’s passive-aggressive messages | Column, May 31

If it weren’t for an Apple Watch and a smartphone, a friend of mine would be dead. On April 20, I received an alert from a friend I care for who is 82 years old. His fortuitous action a year ago — buying the watch — saved his life. The Apple Watch determined it detected a “hard fall.” The watch alerted not only 911 but also his phone, which called me as his emergency contact. I was able to be present at the hospital by the time the EMTs arrived with him. It wasn’t the fanciest watch Apple sells, but it wasn’t the cheapest.

Harriet E. Browder, Clearwater

Saving the shores

In Florida, seawalls are not the answer | Column May 30

I have a question: Does the Florida Legislature’s Hurricane Restoration Reimbursement Grant Program cover damaged sea wall riprap installation, planting of mangroves, living shorelines, reef prisms and oyster dome reinforcements along the shores? Perhaps our “Teddy Roosevelt” governor could request those options be added to the grant program?

Ginger Goepper, Treasure Island

A logical conclusion

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton outlines 4 dangers of artificial intelligence | May 7

The argument about artificial intelligence being made by humans suggests that humans already own the privilege to destroy humanity. The fundamental difference in demise I see between the two is that AI will conduct it in a more logical manner.

Darryl David, St Petersburg

My litmus test

Our politics aren’t as bitter as they appear. Even on abortion rights | Column, May 31

Thank you for sharing columnist Gary Abernathy’s thoughts on politics. As a 35-year pro-life advocate, I like him and know how I will be voting in November and, for me, always in the future. The great Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated.” Peacefully protecting the unborn is my voting litmus test for all candidates. If someone is running for office and does not respect the value of human life, how can I trust them in any other decision that they may make?

Dale Kimball, Wesley Chapel

Bans from both sides

Book banning isn’t a ‘culture war’ | Column, May 30

I think that some of the people who complain about books being banned or censored in schools are some of the very same ones who would ban some conservative speakers at universities. That’s something to think about.

John Spengler, Spring Hill