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People survey damaged properties on a broken section of Pine Island Road on Sept. 29, 2022, in Matlacha after Hurricane Ian made landfall.
People survey damaged properties on a broken section of Pine Island Road on Sept. 29, 2022, in Matlacha after Hurricane Ian made landfall. [ MATIAS J. OCNER | Miami Herald ]
Published June 7

Unaffordable insurance

Florida, 9 other states sue US over flood insurance | June 5

I wonder if our elected state officials see the hypocrisy in suing the federal government due to rising flood insurance rates that threaten to drive people from their homes while at the same time taking little meaningful action to reduce homeowner’s insurance rates that could do the same thing. Flood insurance rates affect about 13% of Florida homeowners while a much higher percentage are required to have homeowner’s insurance as a condition of their home loan. I fear that the recent legislation to make it harder to sue insurance companies will likely only increase company profits while doing little to reduce premiums.

Tim Woodall, Valrico

Misuse of our money

Texas sheriff recommends criminal charges over DeSantis migrant flights | June 5

How long will the Florida Legislature keep acting as a rubber stamp to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ cruel and wasteful schemes? Sending Texas undocumented immigrants to Massachusetts and California not only has upfront costs but will likely cost much more in court as other states seek criminal and civil penalties against those in Florida who did this. The misuse of our hard-earned tax money is a violation of their duty to act in the best interests of their constituents.

Cathy R. Haggerty, Clearwater

Check out this idea

St. Petersburg Obama Main Library renovation: over budget and overdue | June 4

I was alarmed about the state of the President Barack Obama Main Library in St. Petersburg. Recently, I visited the Largo Public Library, which is a good example of a modern city library. We have the perfect opportunity to build a truly world-class public library downtown, in the heart of the city, on a corner of the Tropicana Field property. It would be an asset for the city, providing community space for meetings, offering reference and research and for workers downtown to drop by with their lunch and browse the new book and music collection. We need a “Starship Library,” a gleaming monument that stands for everyone, rich or poor.

Camille Walkinshaw, St. Petersburg

Out on a limb

New College branches out | June 3

How appropriate that the recently appointed trustees of New College chose an invasive species of tree as a mascot. Sure, the “Mighty Banyan” looks spectacular, but it destroys its surroundings, smothers competitors and litters the ground with offensive seeds in what I can only compare to a giant patch of bird droppings.

Pat Ward, St. Petersburg