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Published July 14

Goodbye and hello

Liberal professors leaving Florida make more room for conservative views | Letters, July 12

For every liberal professor who leaves, three conservative ones will move in. Same for those readers who do not like the governor and threaten to leave the state — at least three new residents will move in, making Florida even more red than before. Florida is the fastest growing state in the country. Liberal readers should be careful what they wish for. Their worst nightmare will soon be a reality

John Spengler, Spring Hill

Professors know best

Are Florida laws chasing university faculty away? Some see a " brain drain” | July 9

I just read two letters in today’s paper complaining there are a lack of conservative professors at our colleges and universities. One letter sited that this has been going on since the 1960s. Well, the question must be asked: Whom in our society are the most learned? Who studies and researches the subject the most? I submit that in most cases it is college professors. So, it just stands to reason, if they understand the subject better than anyone else and draw a liberal conclusion, we have to trust it. Some may not like it, but I go with the professors.

Paul DeFazio, Clearwater

Shooter was trained

Dunedin man fired 30 AR-15 rounds at pool cleaner he thought was intruder, sheriff says | June 30

This is how bad you liberals are when you want only your viewpoint to count. Four recent letters about the homeowner who fired his AR-15 rifle 30 times at the pool man stated this is what happens when untrained people have guns. You mean the retired Army lieutenant colonel didn’t have any gun training? Please read the article completely before making statements about it.

Scott Shimer, Land O’ Lakes

Not conservatism

Demonizing DeSantis | Letters, July 11

The letter writer who feels that the Tampa Bay Times is anti-Ron DeSantis and anti-conservatism apparently does not read the paper. There is a distinct difference between conservative values and attempts to create a dystopian society such as the governor and his cronies are envisioning. The article on removing local school boards as the final authority on challenged books speaks to the governor’s power grab in an effort to kill anything “woke” in his mind. Florida, where freedom goes to die; that is not conservatism.

Diane Pearson, Dunedin