Trump and Biden should retire and star in another sequel of ‘Grumpy Old Men’ | Letters
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Former President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden.
Former President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden. [ BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI | Getty Images North America ]
Published Aug. 29

‘Grumpy Old Men’

Trump mug shot during speedy booking at Atlanta jail shows scowling former president | Aug. 24

The publication of former President Donald Trump’s mug shot is a big reminder that no matter who wins the election, far off in late 2024, the country will continue to be divided, even violently so. Neither Trump nor President Joe Biden are effective leaders. That quality is reserved to those who seek compromise and not domination.

Both Trump and Biden need to retire, enjoy their families and show the rest of us how to cooperate by starring in the movie “Grumpy Old Men 3.”

Rand Moorhead, St. Petersburg

Mug shot mania

Trump surrenders at jail in Atlanta | Aug. 25

Why are we allowing Donald Trump to run for president again? Shouldn’t the leading country in the world have a leader that has a pristine image and an unmarred record? Let’s get back to peace and tranquility in our nation and not the laughingstock of the world.

Nancy Salisbury, Largo

Could have been different

Trump surrenders at jail in Atlanta | Aug. 25

Oddly enough, had former President Donald Trump been gracious and conciliatory after his defeat in 2020 he would probably win the 2024 presidential rematch with President Joe Biden in a landslide. But alas, his ego is totally out of control, and his actions after losing have been beyond the pale for most sensible Americans. Trump will cost the Republican Party dearly for years to come.

Brian Walkowiak, St. Petersburg

After Ukraine, Taiwan

Why Ukraine’s fight is America’s fight | Column, Aug. 28

One point that columnist Trudy Rubin did not mention was that China is following the progress of the war — and in particular, NATO’s support of the Ukraine — very closely. Russia is not the only former colonial empire seeking to regain breakaway colonies. China wants Taiwan back, and a mediocre Chinese leadership would like something to distract a restive population from its mismanagement. A patriotic war would do nicely. But what would the world do if China tried to take Taiwan?

So, while China collects gullible supporters with its BRICS initiative, the Chinese government watches what is happening in the Ukraine.

Gregory McColm, Temple Terrace

Bulletproof school windows instead

Florida Capitol getting bulletproof windows | Aug. 26

So nearly $62 million of taxpayer money is being spent to replace windows at the Capitol building in Tallahassee with bulletproof glass. This is to protect the same politicians who recently voted to make it easier to carry weapons in public. Isn’t that ironic. I vote we instead spend all that money to replace windows in Florida schools.

Deborah Green, Sun City Center

Is the Capitol not safe?

Florida Capitol getting bulletproof windows | Aug. 26

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This is typical irony from our state leaders, including Gov. Ron DeSantis. They push permitless carry gun legislation through the state Legislature and brag proudly about it. Yet, the governor didn’t want guns at his victory party after winning reelection. Now the Capitol is being fortified with bulletproof glass. What about the rest of us? Do we get some sort of allowance for bulletproof windows?

Jeff Cutting, Brandon

Can I get some?

Florida Capitol getting bulletproof windows | Aug. 26

More proof of our legislators’ level of concern for Floridians. So glad they are protecting themselves. Now that permitless gun toting is legal in the state, where do I apply for my bulletproof windows? Social Security doesn’t cover them.

Patricia E. Jaycox, Holiday

Ukraine funding

3 takeaways from Ron DeSantis’ Republican primary debate performance | Aug. 23

Some of the Republican candidates in last week’s presidential primary debate, as well as some politicians on the far left, have questioned our support of Ukraine’s defense against the Russian attack. I would ask a simple question: Would you be willing to spend $35 billion to decimate the Russian military without the death of one American soldier? That is what has occurred. Isolationism did not work in the 1930s and won’t work today.

Philip Altus, Tampa