Florida doesn’t need a bakery police. Bring back Publix’s hurricane cakes. | Letters
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Publix bakery putting the final touch on a hurricane Dorian cake in 2019. The supermarket company has stopped making hurricane cakes.
Publix bakery putting the final touch on a hurricane Dorian cake in 2019. The supermarket company has stopped making hurricane cakes. [ ROGER EDELMAN | ]
Published Aug. 31

No need for cake police

Leave Publix hurricane cakes alone | Column, Aug. 24

I agree with columnist Stephanie Hayes when she says leave Publix hurricane cakes alone. I, for one — and I’m sure I speak for the majority — was not offended by the cake. I’m sure it was not Publix’s intention to make light of hurricanes or what damage they might cause. On the contrary, customers may have bought the cakes to relieve their stress in a potentially stressful situation. Call it a glimmer of lightheartedness. If you’re offended, don’t buy the cake. Choose the chocolate fudge or carrot cake instead. Let us enjoy our hurricane cake in peace.

Deborah Green, Sun City Center

Right to repair, please

Dear Florida Legislature:

This year, can you please pass some truly meaningful legislation that we all can benefit from? I am talking about comprehensive “Right to Repair” legislation that allows us to easily and legally access repair services for our electronic gadgets such as cellphones. Apple and others have fought these efforts for years. But just recently, Apple blinked. The company specifically endorsed California’s Senate Bill 244, which, if passed, would give Californians the ability to access parts and information to fix their own devices. This will extend the life of countless phones, reducing toxic waste, reducing demand for China-controlled rare earth metals, and saving us all some real money. Think about it, a basic iPhone 15 is expected to retail for about $800. If I can delay that purchase by several years, that’s a major woo-hoo.

Henry Norris, St. Petersburg

Bidenomics? No thanks.

Biden needs to remind voters how well he’s done his job | Column, Aug. 27

The column by LZ Granderson states that President Joe Biden is doing very well managing our economy despite a rating on the economy of only 36%. Granderson points to various favorable things he has accomplished. Polls and statistics are interesting but do not always reflect reality. Granderson seems perplexed at the seeming contradiction of doing a good job and lousy approval ratings. I think I can help by pointing out just three real world facts. Gas is pushing $4 a gallon, groceries up by 20% and credit card debt just exceeded $1 trillion. These are facts. They aren’t based on opinion polls. I don’t know of anyone who thinks they are better off under Bidenomics. Democrats don’t have a messaging problem. They have a bad economy, largely due to presidential actions.

Jack C. Bolen, Brandon