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Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo on Wednesday recommended that Floridians under 65 should not get the new COVID vaccines.
Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo on Wednesday recommended that Floridians under 65 should not get the new COVID vaccines. [ JOSE A IGLESIAS | El Nuevo Herald ]
Published Sept. 15

A bad prescription

Florida advises against vax, contradicting CDC | Sept. 14

Joseph Ladapo, the Florida surgeon general, just plain scares me. No one under 65 should get the new booster shot for COVID? How about those who have underlying illnesses, such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases and are more vulnerable to the ravages of COVID? This booster is much like the original shots, which were also not tested as extensively as usual vaccines but were proven to save lives, and still do. And this edict comes from one of the doctors who, along with Dr. Stella Immanuel, stood on the steps of the Supreme Court in 2020 and promoted the theories of “demon sperm” and “alien DNA.” Really?

Dr. David Lubin, Tampa

‘Careful’ is not insane

DeSantis, Fla. surgeon general again warn against COVID-19 precautions | Sept. 8

How dare Gov. Ron DeSantis say that “people are lurching toward this insanity again” about COVID-19 precautions. Is he calling me insane? I recently contracted COVID. I am a private contractor working for a large corporation and will now be without a paycheck for at least the next couple of weeks. The nerve of the governor and his politically chosen surgeon general to insult those who choose to take actions to protect their health, livelihood and those around them.

Kurt Klotz, Largo

Nothing to hide?

House GOP gets behind inquiry | Sept. 14

There is an old saying, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” If I were the president and I had done nothing wrong, had nothing to fear and the current serious accusations were directed at me, I would hold a public news conference and direct the Department of Justice and the FBI to conduct a full investigation and make their findings public. Why hasn’t President Joe Biden done this? It is about time that Justice, the FBI and the mainstream media stop protecting the Bidens and start investigating where all this smoke is coming from unless they want our country to burn up from within.

Mark Khan, Tampa

The vulnerable

‘We have bad news.’ A Shore Acres woman recalls Idalia’s fiery aftermath. | Sept. 13

This was a story of perspective. Losing a home and its contents to a fire during a hurricane is traumatizing and the recovery extremely inconvenient even with the strongest of insurance and financial resources. Thoughts turn to those in our community who do not have similar resources or safety nets. Please continue to support our local nonprofits and social service agencies who provide financial support to our most vulnerable citizens in the most difficult of times.

Kenneth Talbot, Seminole