So, Dr. Ladapo, if this vaccine is ‘untested,’ why is it OK for me and others over 65? | Letters
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A pharmacist administers the new COVID vaccine to a patient in Eagle Rock, California, this week.
A pharmacist administers the new COVID vaccine to a patient in Eagle Rock, California, this week. [ IRFAN KHAN | Los Angeles Times ]
Published Sept. 18

I’m over 65. What about me?

Florida advises against vax, contradicting CDC | Sept. 14

Do I understand this logic properly? The Florida surgeon general claims that the new COVID vaccine was approved without meaningful trials and, therefore, recommends that residents under 65 years of age should not take it. Does that mean that those of us over the age of 65 aren’t important enough to protect from untested vaccines?

Dale Eubanks, Trinity

I ask my doctor

Florida advises against vax, contradicting CDC | Sept. 14

So, here we go again. The question tossed around in the headlines asks should we get the new shot or wear a mask? The way I got my answer is, I asked my personal doctor if he was getting the shot when it becomes readily available. And I followed his lead. Then I asked him, if he were in an operating room would he wear a mask? Again, I followed his lead. I pay my doctor for his advice, and I follow his advice. Do you?

Torrey Craig, Ocala

Treat them like Hunter

Hunter Biden indicted | Sept. 15

Hunter Biden allegedly made a false statement on a federal form respecting a gun purchase, had the gun for 11 days and never put a bullet in it. He’s been indicted under a statute seen as questionable by gun rights advocates. But his enemies are charging around in front of cameras, fulminating about a “two-tiered justice system” and how corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland supposedly is. My take is, if Hunter Biden is guilty of a crime (he’s admitted it — imagine Donald Trump doing that!), then indict him, prosecute him, deal with him however is just, constitutional and supportive of public confidence in law and the Department of Justice’s impartiality. But let’s be sure that every single gun offender whose facts match Hunter Biden’s gets the exact same treatment he gets. And if they whine and bawl, make that a sentence multiplier. Because I’m hearing that ordinarily and traditionally, the Department of Justice would have dealt with identical facts in any others’ cases just the way they had in Hunter’s aborted plea deal. It appears that politics led Justice to treat Biden more severely than ordinary. That’s what the old hands say. But Biden is being handed over to the mob, in an abundance of deference to the sensibilities of malign hypocrites. Just make sure all offenders — every last one now — gets the same treatment as Hunter. I’m for that.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg