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This artists rendering provided by Hines shows a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays in the Historic Gas Plant District in St. Petersburg.
This artists rendering provided by Hines shows a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays in the Historic Gas Plant District in St. Petersburg. [ UNCREDITED | AP ]
Published Sept. 25

I’ll go to the games

Rays confident of closing stadium deal | Sept. 20

As a dedicated Tampa Bay Rays fan, I’m excited for the new stadium. All the negativity about attendance is hogwash. The new ballpark will be a destination (similar to the new St. Pete Pier), and our team has proven they’re worth it. Meanwhile, buy a ticket and support our home team as they start the postseason playoffs. Go Rays!

Eileen Stafford, St. Petersburg

A sand solution

Treasure Island to close Sunset Beach for emergency dune restoration project | Sept. 21

So, it seems the city of Treasure Island and Pinellas County have miraculously found the funds to cover beach restoration for Sunset Beach without using federal money. Hallelujah! Since at least half of the homeowners living on the beaches in Pinellas County don’t want the federal government interfering in their business, maybe other cities and towns along the coast in Pinellas County will do likewise. And since this is an ongoing problem that is only going to worsen as the climate changes, they should raise their own taxes to cover future costs.

David Burg, Tampa

Whose fault is this?

House Republicans take aim at Attorney General Garland | Sept. 21

Maybe someone should remind U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and other Republicans just why Attorney General Merrick Garland is in the position he is in today. It is because of them. Garland was former President Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court. The Republican-majority Senate stole that choice and gave it to Donald Trump. If they don’t like what he is doing, they have only themselves to blame.

Carlos J. DeCisneros, Tampa

Worried about the future

What AI has to say about the future of Florida | Perspective, Sept. 17

As a longtime resident of this state, I am deeply disappointed in the future of Florida. The governor said Florida is where “woke” goes to die. Considering “woke” means knowledge of and care about social issues, that is a sad statement for this beautiful state. He is supposed to be governor for all Floridians; he is not. He has decided that Florida schools cannot teach all the facts about slavery and has added wording that distorts history. He pushed his values — actually, I would say lack of values — causing harm to the LGBTQ+ community. I am concerned about whether Florida will be able to recover from these alt-right changes in our schools and communities.

Geanne A. Marks, St. Petersburg