I think I know why DeSantis punished that private school with ‘ties’ to Chinese Communists | Letters
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Park Maitland, a private preschool, elementary and middle school in Orlando.
Park Maitland, a private preschool, elementary and middle school in Orlando. [ WILLIE J. ALLEN JR. | Orlando Sentinel ]
Published Sept. 27

Because they could

School denies communist ties after DeSantis ends vouchers | Sept. 24

I was alarmed by the report that the DeSantis administration arbitrarily denied the use of Florida taxpayer-funded school vouchers for the Park Maitland private school. The governor’s office dispensed the punishment with minimal explanation, claiming an alleged connection to the Chinese Communist Party. The school is owned by an investment firm based in Hong Kong that vehemently denies any connection to the Chinese Communist government. No evidence was presented nor were there any meetings where the school administration could defend itself — just a short edict from Tallahassee. The irony of a state government entity using penalties without accountability, in much the same manner that a communist government would against its own citizens, is not lost on me. This was a tempting opportunity to make a politically attractive anti-China statement during the governor’s run for president. For Gov. Ron DeSantis, the downside was acceptable as the only ones harmed are a few innocent families who won’t make much noise.

Jon Crawfurd, Gulfport

A bus to the games

What will happen to parking at Trop? | Sept. 25

When I was a kid on the far west side of Cleveland and we wanted to go to a baseball game at Lakefront Stadium, we would buy our baseball tickets and Game Bus tickets in a nearby town. No fighting city traffic (pre-interstate, only city streets) or worrying about parking. The bus would always be waiting for us in an enormous queue at a preassigned spot after the game. This was true even when the stadium was packed for a Yankees or White Sox double-header.

Jim Throne, Dunedin

Stand and be true

How Fla. allows toxic racist beliefs to fester | Column, Sept. 23

I read William F. Felice’s column with tears in my eyes. I was only 4 when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, so I don’t remember much of that terrible day. I do remember my parents crying. I was very lucky to be raised in an open-minded family. Mr. Royko was right then as Mr. Felice is today; we all hold the gun. Every time we allow hatred to go unchecked without speaking, every time we stand and stare without acting, every time we do not hold those in power accountable, we allow this wretched thing to continue. Please, people of Florida, I beg you to stand and be true. Use your voice and vote.

Jeanie Huffman, Riverview