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Former President Donald Trump appears in court for a civil fraud case at a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday. (Dave Sanders/Pool Photo via AP)
Former President Donald Trump appears in court for a civil fraud case at a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday. (Dave Sanders/Pool Photo via AP) [ DAVE SANDERS | AP ]
Published Oct. 4

What is it about Trump?

Don’t forget who Donald Trump is | Wall Street Journal editorial, Sept. 28

It was reported long ago that former President Donald Trump had privately called wounded, captured or killed military personnel “losers” or “suckers” and refused to be seen with them. His former chief of staff, Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, just confirmed the truth of these statements in an interview with Jake Tapper and strongly condemned Trump as not fit to be president. This comes on the heels of Trump declaring the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Mark Milley, a traitor who should be executed. How can these attacks on our veterans and military personnel not cause his supporters to question what kind of person Trump is? In any other era, they would be disqualifying for any candidate.

Mark Brown, Brandon

The majority rules

House fight to oust McCarthy threatens balance of power | Oct. 3

We learned in Government 101 that democracy only works if the minority (that is, the “losers” in a vote) go along with the majority (the “winners”). This democratic process takes cooperation between the two sides — bipartisanship. If we the people and our government devolve into winning at all costs, we will be a society of survival of the fittest and find ourselves ranked with Russia, Communist China, North Korea and worse. It is not a betrayal to reach across the aisle, find compromise and come up with the best solutions both sides on an issue have to offer. Rather, it is the essence of how democracy works. The current, very few extreme-right Republicans and others representing us using damaging tactics such as government shutdowns to win maximum personal political capital need to learn that or be excused from participating in our form of government. “We the people” must hold them to it or suffer the inevitable consequences.

Steve Martin, Seminole

He deserved better

After Jacksonville shooting, resistance grows | Oct. 2

On any list of true Americans, Timothy Robinson would be near the top. He has served our country both in the military and as a federal employee. For that he certainly has earned the right to ask the governor of our state a question without being insulted and escorted out: Can you change your ways so that everybody in the state can feel safe and peaceful? The governor’s response was rude and disrespectful. The encounter speaks volumes about the character of each man.

Sam Levine, Tampa