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The American flag flies over the U.S. Capitol, Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)
The American flag flies over the U.S. Capitol, Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib) [ MARIAM ZUHAIB | AP ]
Published Oct. 26

For our future

30 years ago, there was such hope in the air | Column, Oct. 24

I have lived on this planet a good number of years, and I’ve learned several things. First, nothing lasts forever. And, second, one must work continually to hold on to things that have a high value. I was born into a nation that was rising to the pinnacle of world leadership. Even with all our flaws, many looked up to us as something they aspired to be. President Ronald Reagan spoke of the “beacon on the hill” to signify a country where there could be opportunity for all, and a country that could be counted on as a defender of democracy around the world.

Maybe it is just me reaching a ripe old age, or maybe my United States is changing — and not for the better. Democracy at home is facing challenging times as citizens view political rivals as enemies of the state instead of Americans with honest differences as to what the country should be. Many among us would turn their back on democratic nations abroad who are facing challenges from dictators and authoritarian governments. They have retreated to a concept of America first, ignoring the fact that a good part of our strength is the values we share with democracies around the world. Let’s hope there are enough of us who still care to right this ship of state for our children and grandchildren.

Rene Tamargo, Tampa

Not a bully’s pulpit

Republicans elect Mike Johnson as House speaker | Oct. 25

Finally, after three weeks of inaction, the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives has cobbled together enough votes to elect a new speaker. After all these weeks of intransigence, the GOP caucus has reason to rejoice. But so too do parents across the country because Rep. Jim Jordan’s quest failed. Since time immemorial parents have instilled in their children the moral that bullying and bad behavior do not bring reward, a position that has now been vindicated.

Jerry McDermott, Largo

Common sense

Feds boost health care for homeless people | Oct. 24

Reimbursing our medical professionals who deliver health care to those who are homeless and without a permanent residence is such a commonsense solution I wonder why it took so long. I applaud the Biden administration. How long before the “anti-woke” Florida governor and his acolytes in the Legislature ban treating patients in the field?

David Burg, Tampa