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A Halloween display at St. Petersburg City Hall has rubbed some former City Council members the wrong way.
A Halloween display at St. Petersburg City Hall has rubbed some former City Council members the wrong way. [ COLLEEN WRIGHT | Times ]
Published Nov. 8

Inappropriate display

St. Petersburg’s ‘City Council Cemetery’ took digs at former members | Nov. 2

The article could lead readers to believe that individual City Council members approved the display submitted by the City Council’s Office for a Halloween pumpkin decorating contest. I did not approve nor did I know about the content of City Council Office’s submission for a Halloween decorating contest at City Hall until someone alerted me about it after it was on display. I cannot speak for our City Council, but I personally do not think the cemetery of past council members was appropriate, especially in City Hall. Whether past City Council members or others found it funny or offensive misses the bigger issue — “Is this an appropriate submission to display at City Hall?” As a parent, I could not imagine taking my young daughter to City Hall and having to explain the Halloween display and the tombstones’ sayings. I know how much personal sacrifice is made by public servants who give up time with their families and from their careers to serve our great city. I am appreciative of all those who have served, irrespective of political differences.

Lisset Hanewicz

The writer is a member of the St. Petersburg City Council, representing District 4.

Defeating zombie lies

Zombie lies can be very dangerous | Column, Nov. 7

Just like the zombies that are eradicated at the end of a movie, we have the power to do the same to the so-called “zombie lies” as described in John Crisp’s column. But the power rests with a well-informed public. Unfortunately, that is the problem. Most people don’t want to hear or accept an opinion they don’t want to believe. In today’s society, “right from wrong” appears to be whatever suits the purpose. I am now a senior citizen trying to comprehend how this all happened.

Joan Wernert, Zephyrhills

Witness the insanity

At his fraud trial, Trump lashes out from the stand | Nov. 7

On the stand Monday in a New York courtroom, Donald Trump ranted, raved and levitated in smoldering fury at the judge who will be the sole arbiter of his penalties in his civil fraud trial. Trump screamed, insulted, pointed fingers and railed about all manner of grievances that had nothing to do with anything, because his guilt had already been determined by the judge weeks ago. And yet news media, and tens of millions of American voters, are treating him like just one more candidate, business as usual. This is insanity.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg