Republican politicians need to realize abortion is a losing issue for them | Letters
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Supporters of Ohio Issue 1, the abortion rights constitutional amendment, cheer during victory speeches Tuesday at a watch party in Columbus.
Supporters of Ohio Issue 1, the abortion rights constitutional amendment, cheer during victory speeches Tuesday at a watch party in Columbus. [ LAURA HANCOCK | ]
Published Nov. 9

GOP, abortion is a losing issue

Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia

I am a registered Republican but an independent voter. In other words, I vote for the person whose values are closest to mine. I am also smart enough to realize that even though I may be pro-life, the majority of voters don’t feel this way and make this their No. 1 priority in deciding who gets their vote. So, if Republicans want to get elected, they have to make voters realize that they understand this and it will not be part of their platform. Instead, they should stick to other issues like inflation, the national debt, the borders and the wars. They must also consider that the majority of the media leans heavily toward liberal ideas. One last thing: We have two candidates for president who are jokes. I hope a third-party candidate runs so I don’t have to cast my vote for one of those losers.

Tom Craig, Riverview

Deeper thinking

Zombie lies can be very dangerous | Column, Nov. 7

John Crisp’s column on “zombie lies” really hits home. He calls out three issues associated with the Republican right wing as obvious falsehoods that, despite their fictions, continue as core belief. Pinpointing the reason for the resilience of zombie lies is difficult, but much can be attributed to simplistic thinking. Mass shootings are an example. Their view is that it’s obvious the mental health of the perpetrator is at fault, and consequently that firearms are not to blame. The “we need to do more for mental health” platitudes are voiced but unrealized. The more accurate truth admits that mental health is at the core, but that access to firearms by those with serious mental health challenges creates the tragedy. It’s not just about mental health, but instead is about access to firearms by those with mental health challenges.

Jon Crawfurd, Gulfport

Half stayed home

A year after reelection win, DeSantis’ fortunes shifting | Nov. 8

I am tired of hearing how Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection win in 2022 is empirical proof he is destined for political greatness. Of the 14.5 million registered voters, only 4.6 million chose him. Almost 7 million voters didn’t vote. Now that — in my view — DeSantis has totally screwed up homeowners insurance, among many other kitchen-table issues, I believe there are plenty of voters who would have either voted instead of staying home or changed their vote after the mess DeSantis has made of Florida in his second term.

Brian Walkowiak, St. Petersburg