My property insurance, not the FSU snub, should command Florida’s focus | Letters
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After further review, Florida State's play on the field stands ... for nothing. [©Tim Campbell Distributed by Counterpoint Media]
After further review, Florida State's play on the field stands ... for nothing. [©Tim Campbell Distributed by Counterpoint Media] [ TIM CAMPBELL | Counterpoint ]
Published Dec. 7, 2023

What really matters

DeSantis pledges $1 million for any FSU football lawsuit | Dec. 5

I’m so happy that our governor and at least one of our senators can take time off from their governing and legislative duties to demonstrate their outrage over Florida State not being included in the college football playoffs. I just wish they could muster the same level of indignation and fury regarding Florida’s property insurance situation — you know, stuff that really matters to their constituents.

Tomas Negron, San Antonio

Is he next?

Police won’t arrest protesters over buffer | Dec. 6

I guess Gov. Ron DeSantis will shortly be removing Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bruce Bartlett for not prosecuting violators of Clearwater’s vehicle safety zone at an abortion clinic. Right?

Pat Ward, St. Petersburg

A lobster tale

Rare two-colored lobster discovered in Maine | Dec. 6

I sure hope that today’s issue of the Tampa Bay Times was not distributed in school classrooms. The story about a two-sex, multicolor lobster discovered in Maine must be on the Moms for Liberty hit list. Who knows what terrible thoughts it might raise in impressionable young children?

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg

In harm’s way

Key’s growth, safety at odds | Dec. 5

A front-page news article sums up the Florida Keys’ concerns resulting from increasing development and population growth. The author opined that continuing to subsidize both puts more property and people in harm’s way. Ample evidence is presented justifying causes for the concerns of residents in the Keys. Perhaps the Times should take this opportunity to research similar concerns and causes staring us right in our faces here in the Tampa Bay area. The gulf coast of Pinellas County surely is experiencing identical problems. Even small cities and towns like Dunedin, Clearwater and Gulfport, among others, have experienced identical issues.

Willy Bach, Dunedin

It’s Trump

The 2024 election

I believe that blaming “both sides” for the political chaos in Washington, D.C., plays into the goal of former President Donald Trump and his allies — wanting Americans to believe the nation has become ungovernable, so it needs a strongman. As we head into the critical 2024 election year, I believe that the media must adapt to a new political reality: The contest is no longer between Democrats who want more government and Republicans who want less. It is between democracy and fascism.

Dennis Raube, Fort Myers