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Harvard president Claudine Gay at a congressional hearing on Dec. 5, 2023. She resigned on Tuesday.
Harvard president Claudine Gay at a congressional hearing on Dec. 5, 2023. She resigned on Tuesday. [ JULIET SCHULMAN-HALL | ]
Published Jan. 4

Failing the smell test

Harvard president resigns amid plagiarism claims, controversy | Jan. 3

This resignation does not pass the smell test. As a Jew, I am very sensitive to antisemitism. However, I can’t help but feel that the three university presidents were between a rock and a hard place responding in a political arena. At best, they were given very poor legal advice. It goes back to what I always say, “The truth shall set you free!” Sometimes it is better to say exactly how you feel than dance around the issue. This particular firing (let’s call it what it is) has me particularly upset. Especially irritating is hearing a white Republican congresswoman brag about her forcing the resignation.

Marc Yacht, Hudson

The ‘Sore Loser State’?

Confederate statues in Florida could be off-limits if lawmakers approve this bill | Jan. 2

Here in Florida, we have an ex-president who can’t accept that he lost his reelection bid (election denial). We have a governor and attorney general who can’t accept that a state university lost its bid into the college football playoffs (selection denial). And now we have Republican legislators who apparently can’t accept that rebels more than 150 years ago lost a war to preserve slavery (insurrection denial). Perhaps our state nickname should be changed from “The Sunshine State” to “The Sore Loser State.”

Thomas Brandon, Tampa

A loaded weapon

Unlicensed driver on Courtney Campbell was going 101 mph drunk, cops say | Jan. 2

An unlicensed driver is arrested on charges of drunken driving after police catch him going 101 mph on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. He posts bail of $650 and is released. Astonishing. Will we ever get serious about keeping speeders and drunk drivers off the highways or will we just let our insurance rates keep going out of sight? Our most dangerous weapons don’t have a trigger — they have four wheels.

Robert Kinney, New Port Richey

Follow the money

More ideas for insurance crisis | Jan. 1

Here’s an idea for the insurance crisis: Require every legislator reveal all contributions and contact hours with insurance company lobbyists. That way, citizens can find out how much of their premium goes to protect the companies.

Tony Leisner, Tarpon Springs