Here’s why Republicans need to vote for Democrats | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Friday’s letters to the editor.
In one letter to the editor, the writer urges voters to support Democrats in the upcoming election.
In one letter to the editor, the writer urges voters to support Democrats in the upcoming election. [ KENDALL WARNER | The Virginian-Pilot ]
Published Feb. 16

Vote for Democrats

Over the years I’ve voted for many Republican candidates. However, in the upcoming election, I’m voting for Democrats, and I’m asking you to consider doing the same. Here’s why: The Republican Party is no longer the party it was. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were Republicans, and all three are on the top 10 list of America’s greatest presidents. We need that party back.

Lincoln not only ended slavery, but he held our nation together when we were divided. Now the Republican extremists have pitted us against each other. Teddy Roosevelt signed the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 to save the lives of children who were eating spoiled food sold by food corporations. Now that legislation would be considered “bad for business” and “government overreach.” Eisenhower’s civil rights accomplishments would now be considered “replacement” of whites and building the interstate highway would be considered “land grabbing.”

The current Republican Party would not allow three of our greatest presidents to run because they would be considered “woke,” which means they would work to serve the people of our country.

We can end this nightmare by forcing the Republican Party to kick out the extremists and return to its glory days. But that won’t happen until they lose elections. If we don’t force change now, we could lose our democracy and your voice would be lost — maybe forever. Why take that chance?

Janice Jones, Rivera Beach

Time for Biden to step down

Biden says ‘key elements’ of a Gaza deal are on the table as he meets with Jordan’s King Abdullah | Feb. 12

I watched the joint appearance of President Joe Biden and King Abdullah of Jordan. Abdullah was articulate, compassionate, easy to understand and did not need a “talking points” prompt sheet. This is a sharp contrast with Biden who is hardly articulate, compassionate or easy to understand and desperately need a “talking points” prompt sheet. It’s time for him to retire to the beaches of Delaware.

John Perry, Tarpon Springs

Trump vs Biden: No contest

Shame on you Tampa Bay Times! Why are you always propping up a president who has been a complete disaster for this country? Just compare their records. Under President Donald Trump, we had lower inflation, a more secure border, better energy independence, mortgage rates were lower and above all we were not involved in two wars. President Joe Biden showed how weak he was with that disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan where 13 of our bravest lost their lives.

I’m not wild about Trump’s personality. Would I want him for a friend? Probably not. But when I voted for him I hired him to do a job and he did it.

Natalie Sacco, Palm Harbor

A parade of fools?

At least 8 children among 22 hit by gunfire at end of Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade; 1 person killed | Jan. 14

The Kansas City Super Bowl parade occasioned the cancelling of school so entertainment-obsessed parents, teachers and students could fall further behind the learning and teaching curve. The Chiefs’ stupendous party celebrated what? A guy who threw a football 15 or so yards into the wide-open arms of another guy? Not exactly like Paul Revere’s ride, or the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, or the “I have a dream speech” in Washington D.C., was it?

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America’s backsliding knowledge of civics and our decline in critical thinking power that both come from too many “school’s out” days becomes manifest in the existence of legal assertions like that of former President Donald Trump. He argues that “without presidential immunity, the presidency will be consumed by the other branches of government.” No, without presidential immunity, the presidency will be exactly like it has always been in America, part of a balance of power between the three branches of government. But with presidential immunity the president will clearly, quickly and voraciously consume the other two branches of government whose leaders do not have immunity and can do nothing to stop the depredations.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

Trump, Putin and NATO

Trump says he would encourage Russia to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ to any NATO country that doesn’t pay enough | Feb. 11

Donald Trump’s threat to call down Vladimir Putin’s wrath on NATO countries who haven’t “paid up” raises the obvious question. If they have read Trump’s “Art of the Deal,” for example, and offer to pay Trump directly instead of funding NATO, do they get a discount? How about if they give him a red carpet and a medal? Pretty clearly Trump thinks Putin has more to offer him than our allies. Birds of a feather.

Buck Beasom, Tampa

Thrilled with progress

Hillsborough has a new way of teaching kids to read. Inside one classroom. | Feb.14

I have two sons in Hillsborough County Public Schools, one in fifth grade and the other in kindergarten. I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have seen from the University of Florida Literacy Institute program for my youngest. He is excited to do his homework, and I see him daily attempting to decode big words that his older brother never would have attempted at the same age.

Kudos to Hillsborough County public schools for listening to a teacher and trying something new when they saw their kids were struggling. Triple that to teacher Barbara Zimmer for doing the extra legwork to find this program. I wish I could thank her in person. I know this has been an adjustment for teachers districtwide and I am grateful to them for their dedication, especially to my younger son’s teacher. I hope the district sees a dramatic improvement. This parent is happy, that’s for sure.

Arlene Whitworth, Tampa

Can’t see the forest

Florida lawmakers advance bill to require communism lessons in all grades | Feb. 14

So, let me get this straight. In Florida, it is forbidden to talk to young students in schools about gender and systemic racism, but it’ll soon be required to teach them about the history of communism?

In the U.S. House of Representatives, some delegates won’t even discuss a bill that would put stronger border security measures in place, but it’s of paramount importance that the homeland security secretary be impeached.

Does anyone else feel like we’re missing the bigger pictures here?

Mia Franz, Tampa