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Candidate Response: Julie Scales

Candidate reply

Editor's note: Julie Scales, a candidate for mayor of Dunedin in the Nov. 4 election, submitted the following in response to the Tampa Bay Times' editorial recommendation of her opponent, Julie Ward Bujalski, on Sept. 26.

Julie Scales

Dunedin mayoral candidate

The Blue Jays, downtown parking, economic development, neighborhood improvement, waterfront preservation — just some of the important issues facing the city of Dunedin. The new mayor of Dunedin must be able to understand these complex issues yet be calm, cool and smart so we can achieve the best results at a cost we can afford.

The mayor of Dunedin must be more than a promoter-cheerleader for these projects. The mayor of Dunedin must lead by listening to its citizens, having all the pertinent facts on an issue and using common sense.

I look forward to working with the rest of the City Commission, the city staff, our wonderful residents, Pinellas County, the state of Florida and the federal government to achieve the best and most cost efficient results for our city.

My goal is to maintain and expand Dunedin's unique quality of lifestyle at a price that our residents can afford. My vision is a Dunedin that leads in the qualities it is best known for: open spaces and green spaces, an accessible waterfront, arts and culture, diversity, environmental sustainability, fiscal prudence and responsible development.