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Hooper: Fifty stories seems a bit too much for downtown St. Pete

The Red Apple Group plans for a soaring tower in 400 block of Central Avenue, but what about some green space?

Call me crazy, but I rather enjoy the scenic green space in the 400 block of Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg.

Yes, it was fenced off and unavailable for picnics. No, there you couldn't find a man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs. But it lent to the vista on days I looked over from the Times' office on First Avenue S.

News came last week, however, that New York's Red Apple Group will break ground on a 50-story luxury condo/hotel tower on the property this year.

Fifty stories? Luxury condos? Raise your hand if you think St. Petersburg has enough luxury residences. Yeah, me too.

Maybe the project will turn into a jewel and add to an already chic downtown, but honestly, I think something more germane to the district's vibe might have been a better fit.

Bigger isn't always better.

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