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Hooper: Sometimes, the mind boggles

Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva is attempting to steer more locally-generated tax dollars to charter schools, and the effort boggles the mind.

Clearly, the will of the people was to see dollars go towards maintenance and infrastructure (i.e., air conditioners) at traditional schools. But the issue can't escape another fact: it's Hillsborough officials, not legislators from all around the state, who should decide how our money should be spent. Home rule should rule in this instance. …

Seen on a bumper sticker: Step Softly. Dreams, Hearts and People Are Too Easily Broken. …

Once again, the federal government has raised the possibility of drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. Mind boggling. No, you can't put our pristine beaches at risk. Not now, not ever. Stop asking. …

Cheers to Starting Right, Now and Vicki Sokolik, its executive director and founder for earning acknowledgement as a CNN Hero. The nonprofit that assists unaccompanied teens and operates in both Hillsborough and Pinellas will be featured in stories all week on the network.

In the fall, CNN will narrow its 2019 list of "Heroes" to 10 and invite them to a December ceremony where it will name the "Hero of the Year." If she wins, it would be mind boggling, but only because I knew her before she helped hundreds of kids. …

The weekend's celebration of Vinyl Record Day brought to mind the first album I purchased. I rode my yellow bike to Record Bar, and rode home at top speed — so it wouldn't warp. The album: Heatwave's Too Hot To Handle, which featured Boogie Nights.

It boggles my mind to see vinyl make a comeback, but I'll love records Always and Forever.

That's all I'm saying.