Editorial: The high cost of governor's inaction on health care

Published July 2 2014
Updated July 3 2014

Floridians are paying a high price for the failures of Gov. Rick Scott and Republican legislators. The governor and the lawmakers refuse to act to accept billions in federal Medicaid expansion money. It is a morally and financially indefensible position, and now the cost of their ideological stubbornness is even clearer.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers on Wednesday released a state-by-state analysis on the consequences of states' decisions when it comes to Medicaid expansion, putting numbers to what has long been the driving motive for support among business leaders in the state: the economy. Florida, which has refused to accept $51 billion to expand Medicaid over the next 10 years, ranked second in opportunities missed for jobs, better health and economic impact.

It's past time for Scott — who ran for office on the slogan "Let's get to work" — to move off the sidelines and insist Republican legislative leaders accept Medicaid expansion money to improve the personal health of Floridians and the economic health of the state. And with the governor and Republican lawmakers ignoring the issue, voters should be prepared to hold them accountable in the fall elections.


fewer Floridians with insurance


fewer women age 50 or older receiving mammogram screenings


fewer Floridians obtaining cholesterol screenings


in lost federal spending between 2014 and 2016


more Floridians facing financial hardship due to medical bills


fewer jobs between 2014 and 2016