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Hooper: H. Lee Moffitt showed clarity of vision in fighting to establish cancer center

Preserve Vision Florida recently honored the former legislator for his unyielding efforts.
Longtime friends Doretha Edgecomb, left, and H. Lee Moffitt, 2019 Person of Vision, greet guests at Preserve Vision Florida's 40th anniversary award dinner Feb. 11 at the Hilton Downtown Tampa.

Preserve Vision Florida recently honored H. Lee Moffitt as its "Person of Vision."

Moffitt, 77, remains a board member and strong advocate for the critical work happening at the cancer research center that bears his name. But many may not realize Moffitt, a former Florida Speaker of the House, endured multiple political challenges in trying to bring about the center.

It opened in 1986, but only after Moffitt overcame opposition from fellow legislators, the governor and other hospitals.

Preserve Vision offers vision education and services to adults and children in need. In honoring Moffitt, it chose a person who had the clarity to see Florida needed a comprehensive cancer center when others were blind to the good a facility could do.

Good choice. …

Seen on a bumper sticker: "My Daughter Says I'm Nosy. Or So It Says In Her Diary." …

Kudos to Pinellas County Circuit Judge Michael Andrews and wife Jeanene, whose three daughters — Aliyah, A.J. and Athena — have become Division I collegiate softball stars and pioneers in the sport. …

Nativity Catholic Church's Nativity Outreach Food Bank and Food Pantry celebrates its 35th anniversary with a special celebration at the Brandon church from 5-8 p.m. on Saturday. It's a worthy effort given that the food bank annually feeds more than 4,000 families. …

One of my favorite pastimes at the Florida State Fair: reading people's T-shirts. I'm not sure why, but catchy slogans and funny sayings always walk towards you while searching for the red velvet funnel cake.

An entire family wore Deadpool T-shirts, and another guy had a shirt that said, "I Don't Want To, I Don't Have To, You Can't Make Me, I'm Retired."

The fair's 12-day run ends today. Don't miss out.

That's all I'm saying.